Monday, 19 April 2010

When Will There Be Good News?

There is a dark cloud hovering above me at the moment.
And it isn't a rain cloud.
Of course it's the only cloud that anyone is talking about.
The Volcanic Cloud.
I have spent the weekend listening to every news bulletin.
I am due to fly to Seville on Friday for the Flameco Festival.
The trip is a birthday present from my husband.
I have been waiting years to see the festival.
But as I write there are still no flights in and out of the UK.
I feel a little sorry for myself but realise how much worse it is for all those families stranded and those who have spent years saving for special holidays and even weddings.
Instead I have been distracting myself by reading a lot.
I finished the Marian Keyes novel, The Brightest Star In The Sky (great book but the epilogue totally spoils it) and just started When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson.
The Kate Atkinson book was a gift from Antonella and what a wonderful gift it is.
I haven't read any Kate Atkinson books for a while and can't figure out why because she is such a wonderful writer.
To console myself I decided to wear the white skirt I was saving for Seville.
In times of trouble a girl has always got her clothes.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - H & M
Top - Marks and Spencer
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Primark


  1. That is so bad, you can go to next year's festival instead. I love your white skirt... what a pretty outfit. xoxo

  2. oh, that's so annoying! I hope it clears before you go! My friend had her wedding on Saturday, and lots of guests couldn't come, it was really sad. It's quite scary how we rely on planes!

  3. Such a pretty outfit. I love what you said " In times of trouble, a girl always got her clothes!" :)

    Hope you'll get on a flight soon and enjoy the festival. My hubby also had to cancel a trip to the Netherlands this weekend. He's missing a few work events and more importantly missed celebrating his brother's 40th b-day. :(

  4. I love your outfit! I read today that it's looking promising with the test flights so hopefully you'll be able to make it to Seville.

  5. Oh no! I would love to go to the flamenco festival it is wonderful and my favourite dance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. don't give up hope!! xxx

  6. I hope the plane brings you safely to Spain on Friday - enjoy the festival as much as possible!

  7. I hadnt read any thing at all by Kate Atkinson ,as you know I was joint winner in Antonella's lovely book present ,I chose 'Behind the scenes at the museum ' do you know I cant put it down ,and will certainly be on the look out for more of her books ,as ever you look great Jan xx

  8. Better to be stranded at home than in the airport :-(

  9. I'll be crossing my fingers for all of you, hope that things settle down quickly. My family in Germany (mom's side of the family) are all in the same boat. They were supposed to travel somewheres too this week too

    I love your outfit- I know exactly why you saved that skirt, it's beautiful!!

  10. I just posted a whole comment and it went missing. Basically it was about how people (including me) don't really think about things unless it directly affect them. Living in the US and not traveling I haven't really been following this. However, this morning when I dropped my girls off at school I went to the drug store, on the way out I just happened to glance at the headlines of the paper and I stopped to thin about all the people this affected and I felt guilty for not thinking about this more....then I came home and read your blog. I so hope that you can somehow make your travel plans. Best, Lesa

  11. Love you skirt, Jane! Hopefully the flights will be back on by Friday. It would be such a shame to miss the flamenco festival! My parents are due to leave England on Friday as well so they are worried too. Rachel's walk was a great success, she's a great girl! Ciao. A.

  12. I'll cross my fingers for you -- I remember your excitement when you announced quite a while back that this trip had been planned.
    Your first Kate Atkinson? Lucky you to have her earlier books still ahead of you. I'm almost ready to go back and re-read some of them and I know I'll enjoy them as much the second time 'round. I love that young heroine in When Will There Be . . .

  13. That's a beautiful skirt and it would be a shame if you didn't get a chance to wear it in Spain. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  14. Fingers are crossed that you'll get out!! My friends parents are supposed to be coming in from Denmark Thursday too... I say an ash party is in order if not!

  15. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed that the ash will keep clearing up and you will still be able to make your trip!

    You look lovely today!


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