Sunday 29 January 2012

2012 Winter Capsule Wardrobe Challenge?

It is almost a year since the 2011 Winter Capsule Wardobe Challenge.
Does anyone want to join up for the 2012 challenge.
This year I was planning on the week beginning Monday February 20th.
For anyone new to the challenge here's a post from last year.
The rules are:

Choose ten items of clothing from your wardrobe and mix and match them for five days between Monday Feb 20th and Friday Feb 24th.
You can have any combination of shoes, dresses, skirts, tops and jackets as long as it adds up to ten individual items.
You are also allowed five accessories which include jewellery, scarves, bag, belts etc.
Underwear and hosiery do not come under the ten items and five accessories!
If you are joining the challenge please blog about it and if you want to appear in my Capsule Wardrobe Challenge round-up the following week then please email your pics to


  1. I'm in! I'll probably do it the week before, because the week of the 20th is the last week before I move to Brussels. But yes!

  2. I am very tempted but need to check my schedule first incase I am actioning training sessions, in which case I need more attire!

    X x

  3. Thank you so much for the invitation, I do hope I'll be able to join!

  4. I like your 2011 Capsule! I didn't even notice you were wearing some of the same garments until I read your text. I *might* be in. I'll have to look at my calendar. I have a job that changes from day to day!

  5. Best of luck with your challenge - I'm excited to see your posts!

  6. I don't know if I qualify for this challenge, but I thought you would be interested in the capsule wardrobe I have developed specifically for business travel - I will also email you the information as instructed in your post.

  7. Hi Jane! I'm going to have a go too if you don't mind! Looking forward to it :-) x


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