Friday 14 April 2023

Reunited (And it feel so good)

It's the last day and I am feeling blue.I am not sure what to wear but thanks to this Zara Co-Ord that I bought from Vinted last year I have all  bases covered.
Today we are meeting up with our very good friends, Sara and Niall who by complete coincidence are in Gran Canaria at the same time as us.
They are staying in a nearby resort so we catch the local bus to meet up.

Saran and Niall live in Surrey but we met on this holiday  in 2008 when our son and their daughter had a holiday romance.
We both had four children of similar ages and despite living in Surrey they were all Liverpool fans.
Over the years we met up every summer on Eurocamp sites and as the children have grown older we have remained friends vsiting each other's homes almost every year.
In 2019 we enjoyed a week in Lanzarote together and last year we went down to their son's wedding in the Sout Downs.
They are such fun and we just pick upwhere we left off whenver we meet.

It was a beautiful day to catch up and enjoy the sunshine.

I am sure there was talk of Liverpool's latest (woeful) performance!

And so the sun sets on our winter sun break.

It must be time to plan another.

Thursday 13 April 2023

It's My Party

 Sunday. A blissfully quiet Sunday as its the only day the buildng work across from our hotel is quiet. 
We could enjoy the views, listen to the birdsong and drink a peaceful coffee on the balcony.
You would think it was my birthday. And actually it is.
I got the chance to wear this Nevery Fully Dressed swimsuit - a bithday gift from my mum.

Breakfast was on the beach in Puerto Rico in the sunshine.

Back to the hotel and the chance to laze by the Infinity Pool with a pint of wine or too!

The swimsuit matched the skirt I had bought last year from ebay.

What a way to spend a February birthday!

It's My Party

It's the day before my birthday which falls on a Saturday which means another day of banging on the building site across from our hotel so we decided to enjoy my birthday a day early by visiting the Amadores Beach Club.

I know my husband so well and his sheepish confession that he hadn't packed a birthday present for me was herded away when I produced this new Dilli Grey dress I had bought myself as I knew he would forget.

I had purchased it using my Vinted sales so it hadn't cost me anything and it hadn't cost him anything. Win win!

Underneath the dress I wore my favourite Tesco swimsuit and we relaxed and enjoyed the chill out area by the pool.

 The music had that soporific vibe and after a morning sunbathing and reading I was ready for lunch.

THe sushi was divine.

And the entertainment was entertaining.

The best birthday party for a long time.

Friday: Markets and Maritime Life



Friday and it was market day at Mogan.
Before we arrived on Gran Canaria we had been told of its beauty and we weren't disappointed.
We arrived by boat from Puerto Rico which took about 30 minutes and was an enjoyable bob along the waves by the coast.
The harbour itself is so pretty, surrounded by restaurants and pretty houses and lanes which weave around the back streets.

We alighted here in front of this beautiful blue and white port building.

We enjoyed a breakfast on the harbour watching the world go by.

I'm a sucker for a pretty door.

So pretty.

A coastal walk to cool off.

Just loved these ruggled rocks.

It had to be done.

At 1pm we took another boat out to see the dolphins in their natural habitat.

It took about an hour t get there. We stayed for an hour and another hour back.

The photos are not great on my phone but we saw so many happy dolphins showboating in the sea.


Today I wore:

Trainers: New Balance

Shorts - All Saints via Vinted

Tshirt - River Island via Vinted

Monday 3 April 2023

Touring Thursday


Thursday was the day we decided to tour the beautiful island of Gran Canaria.
We had been warned to expect a wide range of temperatures so while it was sunny in Puerto Rico I added extra layers for the coller climes.

Our coach picked us up at 8am and with a number of pick ups we arrived at the island's capital of Las Palmas for a quick stop outside the Alfredo Kraus auditorium - the cultural hub of the island.

Next stop was the magnificent cathedral in Arucas.

Before heading off to the wonderful town of Teror which felt like we were centre stage in an old American western.

Next stop was a fabulous vantage point for Roque Nublo considered to be one of the biggest natural crags in the world.

After a stop to buy some delicious almond cake and local cheese, it was time for a coffee before heading back to our hotel where thankfully the building work had finished for the day.

But not before a final visit to the ubiquitous aloe vera plantation trip.

Dinner was yummy!

Cheers !

Striped dress abd denima jacket both preloved from Vinted

Poncho - Monsoon.

Saturday 1 April 2023

Walking Wednesday


One of my favourite days of the holiday.

It started with a 7am workout in the gym.

Did I ever tell you I met my husband in the univeristy gym during Fresher's Week?

We have always loved to work out - over the past 30 years, since the children came along it hasn't always been possible to train together but now the children are fleeing the nest one by one we are finding out what brought us together in the first place!

After a breakfast on the balcony we headed out towards Amadores and kept on walking.

We passed lots of lovely coves and beaches and at  one we found a supermarket where we bought a bag of ice, a bottle of rose, some plastic wine glasses and some bread and cheese.

Time for a siesta after lunch and my new book from the charity shop.
I don't know how I missed this first time around as I absolutely loved it.

It's a hard life!

Back at the hotel, a quick shower and change and we headed off to a local restaurant for an evening meal out for a change.

Crochet Dress - Zara

Jeans - Tommy HIlfiger

Swimsuit - Top Shop via Vinted

Blue top - Ralph Lauren

Sandals - Birkenstock

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