Friday 30 July 2021

Swallows, Amazons & Yogis


Everyone enjoys a Lake District adventure don't they?

Fed up of a January lockdown I booked myself on a Yoga & Walking Holiday in the Lake District.

After no alone time for what seemed like aeons I made sure I knew no-one else and could travel solo and decide how much time I wanted to spend with other people.

And last Monday that impulse summer booking finally arrived - at the same time as a heatwave.

Of course my adventure began in a charity shop - the Scope shop in Windermere which I had dicovered during our trip in May. 

This time I found a lovely Monsoon dress which I'm wearing in the grounds of the hotel where our yoga retreat took place.

I had come to Winderemer because I was picking up two fellow solo yogis from the train station.

 A Whatsapp group had been created for all attendees a couple of days before and as I knew the area well and was driving through Windermere to get to the retreat I offered to give lifts.

 It was also a useful way to get to know a couple of peopel first. 

Luckily, both Alison and Janie proved to be great company.

After unpacking and arranging my yoga vests in order we enjoyed our first yoga class in the studio.

It was Monday and the July heatwave hadn't quite reached its peak.

We were staying at Yewfield, a vegetarian country house hotel and after a lovely meak I retired to my room for an early night as the morning yoga started at 6.45am.

As the weather was warming up our group opted for the outdoor yoga classes on the lawn in front of the hotel. 

Imagine lying on the lawn in savasana, staring at the clouds and watching swallows swoop overhead while in the distance you can hear the rustling of wild deer.

It was fabulous and the time just flew.

After breakfast three walking guides came to lead our 20-strong group on a hike in the fells which included several stops at lakes for a cooling swim.

Around 4pm we returned to the hotel to prepare for our two hour evening yoga session and dinner.

The days took on this familiar rhythm.

Yoga, hike/swim, yoga, dinner, bed. Repeat.

It was a magical time and perfect timing with the weather.

The retreat ended on the Friday and we said our farewells before making our way home.

However, on the way home I made a detour to visit a special place near Coniston Water which I will post about next.

If you ever fancy a yoga retreat I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle and her team at  Adventure Yogi who made this trip such a lovely, grown up adventure.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

A Prayer to St Anthony


Do you ever regret sending an item to the charity shop?
Its only happened once but how it hurts.
Why did I get rid of this skirt?
It was my favourite.
I even wrote a whole post about it here.
It had pockets, landed perfectly on my knee and I wore it any time of the year.
It was from Marks & Spencer and despite an ebay search it hasn't turned up.
I bought it in 2009 so the chances of one still being around are remote.
I have read on Instagram recently of praying to the charity shop gods in the hope of finding one.
I know when I lose my keys I always say a prayer to St Anthony, the patron saint of lost things and I am hoping that one day a miracle will happen.

Not everyone liked my skirt though as you can read here in the farewell letter from one of the men I worked with when I was a Writer in Residence at HMP Garth.

Still, my dress sense has never been a popularity contest!

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