Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chilly Tuesday

Gosh I look grumpy this morning.

The weather isn't get any better.
There was hail as I drove into work today.
I felt so sorry for the kids I had seen cycling to school.
When they left home the sun must have been shining but they were absolutely drenched when the heavens began to open.

In answer to those who asked how I manage to run home without a backpack - it is all in the planning.
The day I plan to run home I take the bus and my running kit.
At hometime I change into my kit and leave my clothes locked in my office.
I always make sure I have my phone and bus fare - just in case I need to hop a ride home.

So far so good.

I managed to knock 2 minutes off my running home time on my latest run.

Tomorrow I will take my kit and go out for a 5 mile lunchtime run.
I have invested in a "shower in a bottle" which is a mositurising bodywash that doesn't need rinsing off.
I just strip, towel and go.

After putting my clothes back on of course!

Today I wore:
Pink Top - H & M
Trousers - H & M
Shoes - Clarks


  1. I am very impressed by your running routine. Years ago I was caught walking on foot when a hail storm came and the results could have been very serious, depending on the size of the hail.

  2. You are very organised with your running, I'm so impressed! The weather is just bizarre at the moment.
    You aren't looking grumpy, it's your modelesque chronic bitchface that we all have! xxx

  3. Cute top! I was so happy to read in that last line that you put your clothes back on, LOL!


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