Wednesday 30 March 2022

The Preloved Capsule Wardrobe Challenge 2022


Long-standing readers of this blog will know I love a Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.

I feel so much more creative when my options are restricted.

My first Capsule Wardrobe Challenge was in 2008 and there were several more over the years

The Small Fabric Of My Life: And the winner is........

The Small Fabric Of My Life: The Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2010 Winner is........

The Small Fabric Of My Life: The Fourth Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge is Announced

But this year I wanted a Capsule Wardobe Challenge with a twist - all items have to be preloved.

The inspiration came from my joint monthly  blog with Australian Blogger Sarah London when we have shared our Second-Hand Stories. Why not create a second-hand capsule?

I have enjoyed coming up with some combinations from my preloved wardrobe and I have learned a few things along the way which I share below.

The brief for the challenge is:

1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe of up to 10 preloved items to create at least five different looks.

2. Jewellery, underwear and hosiery is not included.

My 10 items are shown above and comprises:

2 items of footwear

2 bottoms

3 tops

1 jacket

1 Bag

1 jumpsuit

And here are a few looks I have put together.

I will post my Favourite Five looks in our joint blog next month when hopefully we will share some other looks from felllow style bloggers.

But for now here are my top ten tips

1. Try and create a capsule where every top goes with every bottom.

2. If you include a jacket choose a style and colour that will go with your tops and bottoms.

3. Choose a hero piece that can be dressed up or down and combine with your tops. I have included a jumpsuit.

4. Choose one bag to go with all looks.

5. Choose footwear that works with all your bottoms and hero piece.

6. Consider a base colour and complementary colours.

7. Think about patterns. Clashing can be good but not always!

8. Consider the weather.

9. Think about your daily activities.

10. Be creative.

Now please head over to Sarah's blog here and see what she has to say.

I always learn something new.

See you soon,

Jane X

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Back To The Future


How is nearly a month since I have blogged?

Life with two grandchildren and a job has definitely reduced my blogging time.

But they are worth it.

Today's outfit is a Top Shop skirt from a local charity shop and a birthday jumper from my husband.

Only teaching in the morning today so I was able to go and visit Mason for some cuddles.

It doesn't seem five minutes since I was cuddling his mummy.

Briony was born at home and here she is just a few hours old after her first bath.

The farm where my husband works is full of the joys of spring.

And so am I now I don't have to wear my big coat anymore.

Although I am staying safe with two jackets!

I am working on a new crochet project inspired by this outrageiously priced dress.

But for now I am working on enjoying Mason before he grows up too fast.

See you soon,
Jane X

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