Thursday, 29 October 2020

Half Term Holiday Planning

As a yoga teacher my work is divided between teaching adults and children.

During term time I teach yoga and mindfulness in four primary schools, while my adult classes run year round.

Even though I am still teaching  six adults classes a week (in gyms and online),  half term still feels a bit like a holiday when I get the chance to do more of what cooking, writing, gardening and blogging.

Today I am working on plans for the next half-term which  means a halfway house outfit that I can move easily in without looking like I am in my gym gear.

These Dorothy Perkins faux leather leggings are perfect for dressing up or down and sooo easy to move in.

Today I wore:

Leggings: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Clarks

Vest: Sweaty Betty

Top: Lipsy

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Down On The Farm


After retiring from Merseyside Police in July 2018, my husband took a while to find his new vocation.

July was a busy month that year with the wedding of our son, but as the summer led to autumn and a stint delivering prescriptions for a local pharmacy became a little dull, he decided to switch part time jobs and became a delivery driver for Majestic. Although the discount came in handy for his red wine habit, he still failed to find a post that scratched that public service itch.

By the following autumn he decided to try something new and took a post as a teaching assistant to a troubled young man at a nearby school. Sadly, funding ran out but he decided to search around the education sector. 

And then last January a new job appeared at a local farm which is a day centre for adults with learning disabilities.

 He was interviewed in the children's section of a local library by a man sat astride a toadstool while a rehearsal of Dad's Army was going on in the next room. But reader, he got the job and he couldn't be happier. A contract of 20 hours a week means lots of time left to pursue his love of walking and birdwatching but he often helps out in the art room and on the farm.

As the farm is located just a few miles up the road I often accompany him to help with animal feeding duties and during lockdown I filmed a few relaxation and yoga videos for the clients so they could keep in contact while they were at home. Happily, everyone is back now and it's happy days.

My favourite time of year was Spring at Bridge Inn Farm.

Every four weeks it's his job to take care of the animals over the weekend which is where I took these photographs and where I get to see my favourite pig, Pebbles who featured in the video.

It's been almost a year now and over two years since he left the police but his new job is just a dream.

And I can wear my new dress with wellies!

I wore:

Boots - Hunter and Marks & Spencer

Dress; Anthropologie from eBay

Coat: Trespass

Hat: Lipsy

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Wet Weekend


Just about got these photos taken before the rain came and it didn't stop for most of the day.

I have only got a small space in my wardrobe so I rotate my clothes each season and always get a shock when I discover some old favourites.
This denim shirt is about 7 years old and the boots about similar.

Today was a day of shopping, errands, foraging for pine cones for my daughter's Halloween display and charity shop book finds.

As Liverpool were playing and my husband and sons watching the match I snuggled down in my favourite chair with a great book and glass or 3 of red wine.

I wore:
Ankle Boots - Marks & Spencer
Leggings - Next
Vest - Next
Shirt - Top Sop

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

eBay Hunter


During the lockdown I kept myself amused by trawling the BNWT section of eBay for anything in my size that I liked the look of but it had to be under £5.

These DKNY trousers caught my eye and the thrill I got for a £2.18 win was such a big one.

They fit perfectly and as I'm only 5ft 1in I expect that is the reason they were for sale.

I love the pockets and sporty stripy side panel.

After  my morning workout, I walked to my appointment to get my toe nails painted - an important part of my work when my toes are on show. As its my day off teaching I mooched around the shops, completed 10,000 steps and came home to potter, blog and plan some more.

But before I pop off to deliver some books to my local little library I wanted a close up of this top. 
I've had it almost 10 years and is probably my favourite top of all time. I just love the detail, the shape of the neckline and its so light to wear and wash. 

I hope you have a lovely day.
Today I wore:
DKNY Trousers from eBay
Top from a local charity shop
Shoes - Clarks - this season.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

When Will I See You Again

I treated myself to a new shirt yesterday as it was the 10th anniversary of my dad's death and I needed cheering up.

To celebrate the life of the amazing man I was lucky enough to call dad we had a family zoom catch up and we took my mum out for dinner at the restaurant where my dad loved to eat.

Then it was back home to watch The Sinner - yes I am late to this party!

This weekend we have my lovely little grandoggy to look after but he is a little camera shy.

He is not a people pleaser.

He doesn't like to be told to pose to order.

And I love him all the more for that.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Marks and Spencer
Belt - TK Maxx
Top - Mint Velvet


Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Pineapple Dreams

When I was a teenager in Manchester in the 1980s my favourite TV show was Fame.

I longed to be a dancer even though I have two left feet.

I even persuaded our local dance teacher to give me and four of my friends to give us a dance lesson.

I could see the despair in her body - her face and hair was frozen in the dance teacher mould.

In Manchester there was a Pineapple Dance shop - the closest I could get to the dance craze of Fame.

When I saw this grey sweater in my local charity shop it took me back.

And forward.

After this photo was taken I spent the day teaching yoga in two local primary schools which includes movement and singing (which is how we get early years to breathe rhythmically and yes its been Covid cleared).

So who knew that one day the clumsy teem with two left feet who couldn't sing a note would be enjoying gainful employment as a professional performer.

Today I wore:

Trainers: Nike

Leggings: Sweaty Betty

Pineapple Jumper - Oxfam


Monday, 12 October 2020

Hello Again

 It's been a while.

Over 5 years.

But I missed this blog.

I have enjoyed catching up with my old favourites.

So much has happened since my last post.

My four children are all grown up.

Briony who featured in my last post has moved out and lives with her new fiance just a 15 minute drive away.

My eldest son, Sam, moved out, got married and lives a 15 minute drive in another direction away.

Two of my sons still live at home as they have set up their own business - re-selling women's designerwear. You can see it here

And I have left the college where I worked to become a full time yoga teacher, teaching yoga to primary school children by day and adults by night (or early morning).

The problem is I spent most of my time in leggings so coming back to this blog I am hoping to enjoy wearing the clothes I have again with outfit posts.

Sadly, our labrador, Harvey, passed away but we do have a puppy who comes to stay - our daughter's naughty little French Bulldog, Bud.

I hope I will keep it up this time.

Posting tonight as my local area (Liverpool) has been plunged into the highest tier of lockdown makes me feel like I am coming home to a happy place.

See you soon,

Jane X

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