Monday, 26 April 2021

Breton Bull Dog


Its spring on the farm and time to break out the Breton Top.
Fresh and clean but with long sleeves to keep out the chill wind that blows across the moss despite the sun.
And of course dungarees are essential farm kit.

The warmer weather has made a difference with the egg production and I picked up 3 eggs in the morning and 10 in the afternoon.

On my way home my daughter asked if I could pick up a child's t-shirt form the charity shop as the vet suggested it to stop Bud licking his staples as he recovers from the Bullae surgery.

Of course I couldn't resist this little stripey number.

 Phew it's hard work farming in the sun - time for a rest!

I hope you have a sunny day whatever the weather.

Today I wore
Shoes - Converse
Dungarees - Lucy & Yak
Breton - Boden

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Bud, Blossom and Bloopers.


What a week.

It started so well. 

I was back in school and looking forward to life getting back to some semblance of normality when the phone rang before 6am on Tuesday morning.

An early phone call is rarely good news.

It was my daughter.

Her little French Bulldog, Bud, my gorgeous grandoggy wasn't breathing properly and was clearly in pain.

I advised her to call the emergency vet.

They said they couldn't find anything wrong apart from full anal glands which they released.

They told her to go home.

She did but as soon as she arrived home she could see he was struggling some more.

At 8am she phoned her local vet and they asked for a video of him. It was clear he could barely breathe.

"Bring him in now," they said.

As soon as she arrived they whisked him off to a room and gave him oxygen asking my daughter to go home and wait by the phone.

A little while later they said he needed to be taken to the animal hospital as a node on his lung had burst. If my daughter hadn't brought him in when she did he would have died.

At the animal hospital the vet examined Bud and after a CT scan said they could try and operate but it wasn't certain he would survive. However, as he was a young dog it was worth a go. 

If it was his dog, the vet said, he would operate.

The operation took place yesterday and lasted four hours and part of his lung was removed.

Today he is recovering and has finally eaten some food.

If he continues to recover well he can be home by Saturday.

We knew we loved this little dog but not quite how much.

He will have to take it easy for the next few months but hopefully he will have lots of happy and healthy years to come.

I can't wait to have him back on the yoga mat with me.

And a reminder of the healing power of nature is that yesterday just as we got the good news about our precious Bud, this beautiful blossom in my front garden finally came to its fleeting fullness. 

Today the blossom petals are starting to float away - a reminder to cherish beauty whenever and wherever we find it moment by moment.

On a lighter note, just beware of stepping back when you take photos - luckily Bud was there to check I was OK after I fell into the pond last Sunday.

Today I wore:

Boots - Clarks

Denim Dress- H &M

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Heidi Grows Up

Plaits always remind me of Heidi.

Did you read the story Heidi as a child?

It was written by Swiss writer Johanna Spyri in 1881 about a little girl who grows up with her grandfather and her friendship with the goatherd Peter and the seemingly disabled Clara.

I had no idea when I was a child that the book was so old.

After the first novel was published a sequel, Heidi Grows Up was eventually published in 1938 by Spyri's French and English translator Charles Tritten.

I never read the sequel but the title of the sequel always comes to mind when I plait my hair.

To be honest, I am bored with my hair and will try anything while I wait for my hair appointment on April 14th. The style seemed to create a boho vibe with this new to me Zara dress from ebay.

And as it's so cold, I wore the dress with leggings and a trusty tank top.

What a contrast to last week when it was my youngest son's 21st birthday and there were record breaking temperatures for March.

It wasn't the birthday he had envisaged but we did him proud.
How fast those 21 years have flown.
Still, I got the chance to wear the Karen Millen leopard dress I had originally bought for my nephew's wedding which was cancelled last December.
One day I will look back on all this lockdown nonsense and laugh - I hope!

Today I wore:
Boots - M & S
Dress - Zara from ebay
Tank Top - Oasis
Leggings - Dorothy Perkins


Breton Bull Dog

  Its spring on the farm and time to break out the Breton Top. Fresh and clean but with long sleeves to keep out the chill wind that blows a...