Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Heidi Grows Up

Plaits always remind me of Heidi.

Did you read the story Heidi as a child?

It was written by Swiss writer Johanna Spyri in 1881 about a little girl who grows up with her grandfather and her friendship with the goatherd Peter and the seemingly disabled Clara.

I had no idea when I was a child that the book was so old.

After the first novel was published a sequel, Heidi Grows Up was eventually published in 1938 by Spyri's French and English translator Charles Tritten.

I never read the sequel but the title of the sequel always comes to mind when I plait my hair.

To be honest, I am bored with my hair and will try anything while I wait for my hair appointment on April 14th. The style seemed to create a boho vibe with this new to me Zara dress from ebay.

And as it's so cold, I wore the dress with leggings and a trusty tank top.

What a contrast to last week when it was my youngest son's 21st birthday and there were record breaking temperatures for March.

It wasn't the birthday he had envisaged but we did him proud.
How fast those 21 years have flown.
Still, I got the chance to wear the Karen Millen leopard dress I had originally bought for my nephew's wedding which was cancelled last December.
One day I will look back on all this lockdown nonsense and laugh - I hope!

Today I wore:
Boots - M & S
Dress - Zara from ebay
Tank Top - Oasis
Leggings - Dorothy Perkins



  1. That's a lovely pic for posterity of your son's 21st :) it is odd for us mums to get our heads round our kids being more grown up than us. I like the heidi hair and remember the book well, it was a childhood favourite for me too , if I had produced a girl, she would have taken that name, it's so pretty.

  2. I didn't read the Heidi books but there was a great TV series in the 80s that I watched each week.
    Heidi plaits look good on you, I might be tempted to give this a try myself, my hair is too long now to be manageable but I can't face a hair appointment just yet (I fear the scissors might be about to come out).
    Happy Birthday to the youngest, looks like you celebrated well.

  3. Ahhh, another great balloon wall Jane for your youngest son. Glad you could celebrate with good weather. I had an old Heidi book, which I tried to read but got a bit bored with (it didn't have the grotesque humour of Roald Dahl that I was so fond of). I did love the platted hair though and beautiful illustrations of alpine mountains. I wish I still had that book. You look great with Heidi hair. Lulu xXx

  4. I've never read Heidi but wore my hair up in plaits like that for most of my schooldays - and in lockdown last year started again. They really suit you!
    Hasn't it been cold? My face nearly fell off when we were out wandering a National Trust garden in the snow this morning! xx

  5. I loved the Ladybird children's book version of Heidi when I was growing up! I like doing my hair like that but I struggle to get it to stay up sometimes! My hair is so hit and miss!
    My, that's a lot of balloons! Happy birthday to your son and you look lovely in your dress!x

  6. I did read Heidi growing up, and like you, had no idea how old it was!

    I think your hair in plaits looks lovely. I love the tank worn over your dress - a very on-trend look.

  7. True how fast the years fly by and I found even more so under lockdown. I look at my grandchildren and its a whole new world.
    Good wishes ~ Mike.


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