Monday, 26 April 2021

Breton Bull Dog


Its spring on the farm and time to break out the Breton Top.
Fresh and clean but with long sleeves to keep out the chill wind that blows across the moss despite the sun.
And of course dungarees are essential farm kit.

The warmer weather has made a difference with the egg production and I picked up 3 eggs in the morning and 10 in the afternoon.

On my way home my daughter asked if I could pick up a child's t-shirt form the charity shop as the vet suggested it to stop Bud licking his staples as he recovers from the Bullae surgery.

Of course I couldn't resist this little stripey number.

 Phew it's hard work farming in the sun - time for a rest!

I hope you have a sunny day whatever the weather.

Today I wore
Shoes - Converse
Dungarees - Lucy & Yak
Breton - Boden


  1. I love how Bud is dressed to compliment your lovely outfit! x

  2. Bud is so cute in his stripy tee - I hope that helped. You look lovely in your overalls and Breton shirt, Jane! What a gorgeous day to be outside! Have a good week!

  3. You look like a reet good farmer lass in that lovely Breton top Jane. I do love a pet coordinated outfit too :) Lulu x


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