Sunday, 4 October 2009

International Wear a Dress A Day Week

I am still hearing from bloggers who took part in The Second Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge but are still to finish.
Therefore, I have decided to delay my round-up until the end of next week when the winner will be announced.
I have designated next week as International Wear A Dress A Day Week in honour of the fantastic finds I have had recently.
Womens dresses are always the first section I select when trawling a new website and it is the dress racks I head to first.
Yesterday, at my local TK Maxx I found two Noa Noa dresses reduced to £12 each and a dress from Per Una reduced from £45 to £25.
The only problem now is that I have only enough funds for one more winter dress and I can't decide between this one and this one.
And by the way if you live in the Liverpool area I have just had an email from Jess at Dorothy Perkins who tells me that a fashion show to mark the new opening of the Liverpool store in Church Street will take place on Thursday between 6.30pm and 7.30pm with a parade of Hollyoaks stars strutting their stuff along the catwalk.
Maybe I'll see you there.

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Polka Dots
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  1. Hi Jane, I love dresses too, they are so versatile. I like both of your choices, but really think the black polka dot is very classic and will prove to be a very useful piece in your wardrobe. Much love, Heather x

  2. I've gone with the polka dot will be fab!
    Take the Per Una dress back £25 is too much!!

  3. "A Dress a Day" Week... now that is going to be fun. I've missed my dresses during the challenge this past week. I'm in!

    If it were for me, I'd probably go with the polka-dotted dress because I don't look so great in the main color of the other one. And I love polka-dots. But if the other color looks great on you, I'd keep that one, because it seems more distinctive and unusual.

  4. Hi there-i love the print one, but I hear polka dots will be in next summer-both are fab!

  5. Wow, I'm glad you're delaying the round up! I'm so happy I get to get in on this! And "A Dress A Day" sounds fabulous! Dresses are my staple, but I've been trying to be more adventuresome. I love your blog!

  6. Polks dots! When I looked at the link it showed the lovely neckline and the fact that it is a wrap dress. What's not to like?


  7. I love dresses but I won't be able to join :( as i am traveling.... only one dress in my suitcase!
    I chose the print dress, but I cannot stop thinking about the polka dot.

  8. Oooh, a dress a day? I am not sure whether I'll be able to play all week long, but I'll certainly break out some favorite dresses!

    Love the polka dot dress best of all.

  9. I love dresses !

  10. Heh, every week is Dress Week for me these days. :) I love dresses and have built up a nice collection.

    I adore the polka-dot, but I think you will get more wear out of the patterned one. I bought a polka-dot a while ago, and I found that I always grabbed the plain colored or patterned ones before it, even though I like the polka-dot one just as much. I think because the pattern is so distinctive, it ended up being more of a statement dress than one I felt comfortable wearing every couple of weeks.

  11. I love the print dress!
    since I only own two dresses I could wear during a normal workweek, I'm not the perfect person for a dress a day. (shame it is, since I actually do like dresses, I just never seem to find any that do suit or fit).

    a last word on the challenge, unfortunately, my camera gave up on me on thursday, so I couldn't yet take pictures from my last two outfits. will try to manage that today and would love to be included in your round up.

  12. I love dresses- they don't love me! I can never find a dress that fits right- therefore, I only OWN one dress. I would LOVE to participate, but one dress does not equal a week does it?!

    As for the dresses, I think you will get a lot more versatility and wear out of the polka-dot one. The floral one makes me nervous- the color could very well wash most people out, and the print is 'older' for my tastes.

  13. I don't need any excuse to wear a dress!

    Have you seen the blog with the girl who is wearing just one dress for a year? She has 7 copies of the same dress, and just styling it differently every day, I'll try and find the link...


    that's the blog shopaholic is talking about. I just found it recently myself and find it really interesting.

  15. Hi
    You might want to checkout some of our gorgeous new Christmas Collection at NOA NOA Reigate.....

  16. I wish more women would dress classy more often, it seems women have lost their femininity!


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