Friday, 9 October 2009

And the winner is........

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who took part in The Second Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge and below is a full roll of honour.
I was delighted to see so many people join in with my fascination for the Capsule Wardrobe idea. The main reason it came about was a bid to create a working capsule wardrobe.
For years I have read articles in magazines and newspapers which herald the holy grail of the Capsule Wardrobe. Invariably these are created to suit the ideal figure which is combined with a lifestyle and budget that bears very little resemblance to mine.
Gok Wan made some headway earlier this year with his idea of revolutionising frumpy worn-out women and their wardrobes with a transformational capsule to suit their shapes and lifestyle.
So far so good.
And great – if Channel 4 are footing the bill.
I calculated that most of these cost in the region of £500 - £800.
Not so great if your budget is stretched to the limit.
My idea came about last year when I was shopping from my closet in a bid not to spent any more cash on clothes for a year.
The concept for the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge is to find five outfits from your own wardrobe which suit your shape, your style and your working week. To hone your creativity even further the items were reduced to 10 pieces of clothing including shoes and five accessories.
Of course many of us instantly regretted our choices but we made do and became creative with what we had.
But most of all it became a learning experience for us as individuals and an opportunity for us to learn from others.
Some of you sent me pictures which are illustrated but for those of you who didn’t I will link directly as I run through each entrant before naming the winner.
Here goes:
1. I loved the way Fashion Junkie created a seasonal palette from the clothes she had which suited her shape. The way she layered a tank as a final flourish was inspiring.
2. Sheila is a second timer here and it shows. Her wardrobe encapsulated her signature style while offering lot sof options including two outfits in one day.
3. Bella chose lovely fall shades and the dress she chose looked completely different each time.
4. I didn’t get to see Jennifer’s pictures but her list looked very sleek and offere dlots of options.
5. Low Fat Dressing made great use of the accessories to liven up her black basics and enhance the splashes of colour.
6. Make Do Style had an even greater challenge – an appearance at a fashion gathering where her style stood out.
7. AJ’s distinctive style and bold use of colour created a colourful capsule with creative use of accessories. Check out the neck tie!
8. E’s brave move to steer away from black basics and project her fun and funky style during a very busy week was a triumph.
9. Shopaholic created many different looks for the very different roles in her busy life and it was hard to believe her wardrobe had been so limited for the week.
10. Dawn took the opportunity to experiment with different styles and surprised herself by the end of the challenge.
11. I loved the way Chewy Spaghetti used her belt in so many different ways.
12. Cara made great use of her jeans and dress and mixed them with the colours and accessories to create a wonderfully diverse collection of outfits (and poses!)
13. My EveryDay Wear created a swish capsule using black and white, prints and the splash of red which added a sense of retro fun to the challenge.
14. Kasmira – what can I say. The Queen of Daily Blog Wears did not disappoint and the plum jacket/blouse was an inspired choice.
15. Kari’s eye for colour emphasised her shapely silhouette and I bet no-one could guess her wardrobe was so limited that week.
16. Thoughts In The City had trouble posting all her pictures but her serene sense of style shone through.
17. Audi. What can I say – a lady after my own heart – not one, not two but three dresses and a fabulous cord jaket.
18. Julia – One very stylish lady with an enviable wardrobe and figure to boot.
19. Stephanie works minimalist magic with her ecelctic wardrobe to produce a winning formula – and she had the workings out to prove it!
20. And not forgetting me. Again I learned a lot more this time including the importance of forward planning with the weather forecast.

Andf the winner is………….
Everybody of course which makes it impossible to decide and therefore I had to use a random number selection.
Which is………………………
Make Do Style.
Please email me at with your address so I can send you the prize.


  1. Congrats to the winner! It was so great to see all you lovely ladies take on this challenge....bravo to all!!

  2. Congratulations to Make Do Style! I've loved following these women during this challenge. I've learned a lot.

    PS Did you enter my giveaway???

  3. congrads to the winner! This was so fun, I can't wait for the winter edition!! ;)

  4. Congrats to Make Do Style! A deserved win!

    Additionally, I must thank you for linking to me from Small Fabric--your comments and support mean so much to me. Your blog has become a must-read for me.


  5. Congratulations MDo Style!
    This was so much fun !
    Will you be doing anything else after your dress week ??

  6. ARGGHH! Can't believe it! I think this is my first ever win for anything.
    It was a fabulous challenge and a great pleasure to take place. I was really impressed by everyone's effort and I do want Julia's crocodile handbag!

  7. Congrats, Make Do Style! The challenge was a lot of fun, and it was great seeing what everyone else came up with.

  8. Congratulations to all of the participants! And thank you, Jane, for coordinating us all! I had a blast. :)

  9. well done everyone! I'm actually going to be doing this next week, I've pretty much decided what clothes to go with but I'm going to check out the inspiration now!

  10. Congratulations to the winner. I loved to see the diferent looks the ladies were able to get and found wonderful new to me blogs.
    You were wonderful to have this idea.

  11. It was wonderful to see how everybody did it and congratulations to the winner.

  12. Hi there-very well done to all the ladies, it shows what can be done with a capsule wardrobe!! Good job to Kate as well, she sure looked lovely, as did everyone else!!

  13. some very hard working and creative winners.

  14. How fun! I love the round-up of all of the wonderful capsules that came out of the challenge. Thanks again for initiating something so eye-opening and fun, and I am really touched by your kind comments.

  15. Hi, just to say I've started my challenge now and the first post is up!

  16. Jane, thanks for all the postings-it was fun and got some great ideas in the wardrobe challenge.

    And even more-thanks for your encouraging words during a difficult week. More has gone on than I have posted, and it was nice to have your comforting words! You are awesome!


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