Monday 8 August 2011

So Can Leggings Really Reduce Cellulite?

So my experiment is over.
I have worn my Lytess leggings 6 days a week for 3 weeks and at least 8 hours a day.
Before I answer the question let me explain why I conducted the experiment.
Over the past year while I have been back at uni I have put on a little extra weight.
Poor eating habits in order to meet deadlines and lack of exercise has seen my weight creep up to the highest post-baby weight for a decade.
The big problem area was hips and thighs.
I read about the Lytess leggings in an article and researched them a little more here.
They promised to reduce inches from my troublesome spots.
I have to confess I don't normally fall for these gimmicks but I was desperate with holidays just a few weeks away.
I decided not to measure as I have also been attending 3 body conditioning exercise classes and run 12 miles a week.
Instead, I decided to focus on the skin tone.
On that basis alone I would say my thighs are smoother and the cellulite has reduced.
Yet, had I lavished cheaper and more loving care with skin brushing, exfoiliating and moisturising I daresay I would have had the same effect.
So in effect I would say think carefully before you part with the best part of £50.
However, there has been one big plus - before the experiment I didn't think I could wear leggings.
Over the past few weeks I haven't exactly fallen in love with them but they have allowed me to wear some of my shorter clothes and in the future they will be an occasional addition to my casual wardrobe.


  1. Interesting experiment. I still like the outfut with the print skirt and black tank top the best.


  2. So, it sounds like more of a fashion choice than a body-changing one? I love the way you worked the leggings into all the looks, and you do look smashing in them!

  3. I bet you can't wait to be barelegged! You did a great job of styling them!

  4. I love leggings and wear them constantly in wintertime and sometime in summer. Interesting experiment for sure but hey atleast you got something out of it - you love them too and they go with just about anything.

    Love your blog and getting so many outfit ideas, let me know if you wanna follow each other? ;)

    xo Nav

  5. 3 weeks.
    Jane that is a loonggg time !
    I don't know if I could have pulled it off, however i must admit you looked quite classy sporting them.

  6. You look great at the very least you ave shown women the proper way to wear leggings!!!

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