Wednesday 31 October 2012

October 31 for 31 Challenge

Today marks the final day of my 31 for 31 October Challenge and I thought I would bow out with my favourite colour.
As I am an avid list marker I thought I would share my list of most worn clobber.
Shoes - Black Flat Boots - Clarks: A staggering 14 wears.
Bottoms - Burgunudy Jeans - Tesco: Worn 6 times.
Tops - Denim Shirt - Barcelona Shop: 6 times.
Knitwear - Slouchy Jumper - Asos: 4 times.
Dress - LouLou Dress - Boden: 6 wears.
What I would do differently next time?
Choose a jacket in a colour and shape that would be suitable for smart or casual wear.
Make sure all my tops and bottoms go with each other in both cut and colour.
Stick to no more than 4 pairs of shoes/boots.
Try and choose less black.
I think I will give the 30 for 30 and 31 for 31 challenges a rest for a while but I am tempted to join in Dressember.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

I Love Loulou

I didn't plan to wear my little black Boden Loulou dress again today, but after reading Sabine's post about her black dress transformations I wanted to give it another go.
Tomorrow marks the end of my 31 for 31 October challenge and I will be looking back on my choices to see what I have learnt.
Today I wore:
(7) Brown boots - Clarks
(12) Dress - Boden
(22) Cardigan - Matalan

Monday 29 October 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

It's back to work after a lovely week off and what a change.
The weather has turned wintry and it was dark when I left the office at 5pm.
How I miss the light mornings and endless days.
Counting the days until Spring.
I wore:
(1) Black Boots - Clarks
(12) Dress - Boden
(21) Shirt - Marks and Spencer
Belt - Top Shop

Sunday 28 October 2012

Notes From A Weekend

 Just a few more days of my 30 for 30 challenge to go and I am looking forward to wearing some old favourites again.
On Saturday there was no football due to the half term.
After the chores were finished Paul and I took the dog for a walk in the woods.
The autumn sunshine streaming through the tops of the trees was wondrous.
After our walk we stopped off at the local pub which allows well behaved dogs to enter and had a bite to eat, washed down with a local ale.
They even bring your dog a bowl full of water.
So thoughtful.
Back to reality and Sunday morning included a trip to Tesco for our weekly shop before returning home in time for the derby (Liverpool V Everton).
This evening will include our usual roast followed by a film.
But before I go let me share this with you.
If you ever find yourself booking budget flights and wonder what the feck is going on when the final bill is nothing like the advertised price then take a look at this oddball ode from the fabulous Fascinating Aida.
Cheap flights, cheap flights, flights for 50p......

I wore:
(5) Boots - Clarks
(12) Dress - Boden
(29) T-Shirt (Tesco)
(11) Shoes - Clarks
(15) Jeans - Tesco
(30) Top - Tesco
(4) Long sleeved t-shirt - Primark
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins

Friday 26 October 2012

Frantic Friday

Nearly the end of our half term holiday.
Today was a super productive day.
I managed two runs, cleaned the house and a walk through the village with my husband.
The weather has gone much colder today.
Tonight we are off to our friends for a meal before enjoying a Saturday lie-in as there is no football for my son tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend.
Today I wore:
(5) Black Boots- Clarks
(10) Skirt - Marks and Spencer
(4) Black t-shirt
(27) Jumper - Wallis

Thursday 25 October 2012

Something For Nothing (Almost)

It is time to share some of last week's bargasms with you.
I dashed into my local Marks and Spencer store during a lunchbreak from work.
While I was looking for a sandwich I noticed the sale rail and had a browse.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was on offer.
There were two pairs of shoes left.
Both in my size (4.5).
I bought two pairs of shoes for £11 and two tunic dresses for £13.
The shoes were originally £25 and £49.50 while the dresses which are both fully ined were £35 and £39.50.
Even better was the fact that it cost me just £1.
I won a £10 M and S voucher in a recent raffle at work and the other vouchers were loyalty vouchers plus I paid £1.
Now that is what I call something for nothing.


Today I wore:
(5) Boots - Clarks
(23) Skirt - Gap
(8) Shirt - Boden
(9) Yellow jumper (to replace yellow cardigan) - Primark


Wednesday 24 October 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

What a palaver.
Today I was due to meet my friends, Nina and Dawn for lunch.
But when I got up at 8 am to walk the dog I smelt gas.
I phoned the emergency number and within an hour a lovely young man had come to investigate.
Yes, we had a leak.
Oh no.
He discussed knocking down walls and lifting up floorboards.
And then he offered to see if he could isolate the leak.
One life story and a coffee (two sugars) later.
The leak was no more.
What a nice man.
I mentally totted up the amount of money I had saved and promptly ordered a dress from the Karen Millen sale.
Fortunately, I was able to enjoy my lunch with Nina and Dawn and even picked up a onsie for my son.
Happy Days.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Bare Face Cheek

I didn't get a shower until 6pm today as I spent the day cleaning before going to the gym.
I decided I couldn't be bothered with any make up and now I am wondering why I bother as I don't seem to look any different in the photos.
I wish I was a dab hand with the make up brush but somehow it doesn't seem to work for me.
Anyone got any tips?
I wore:
(11) Shoes - Clakrs
(26) Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
(19) Jumper - Asos

Monday 22 October 2012

Brack or Blown

My Black and Pink combo was renamed Blink so today's brown and black combo has been rebranded.
The trouble is I can't think which sounds best, Brack or Blown.
Today is the first day of our half term holiday.
My husband has taken the week off too.
We have lots of jobs lined up but today was spent in the gym and shopping.
We have the rest of the week.
I am planning one family day event but I am struggling.
Any suggestions for a family of six including four kids aged, 12, 15, 17 and 21?
I wore:
(7) Boots - Clarks
(12) Dress - Boden
(21) Shirt - Marks and Spencer
Belt - Top Shop

Notes From A Weekend

Thank you for all your constructive comments on how to handle a teenage monster daughter.
As you would expect, the Friday tantrum was the first of many.
However, following all your expert advice I decided to opt for the stay serene option.
She was so confused when, despite a regular rant, I remained "unresponsive."
"You are just so useless," was one of the kinder comments I received.
However, her dad still hasn't got a handle on the serenity yet.
My husband  (a police officer of  25 years service),  did not take too kindly to being called a "f**king **obhead").
I am sure we will laugh about it all one day.
Maybe when she has a teenage daughter or two of her own.
But back to the weekend.
Friday night was a relaxing affair with wine and nibbles in front of the TV marvelling at the "youthful" appearance of Felicity Kendal.

On Saturday morning I cycled into the village to meet a friend for coffee and had a mooch around the charity shops while my husband stayed at home and cooked our Caribbean meal.

In the evening four friends arrived to share the delicious meal inspired by my husband's penchant for Sailor Jerry.

The drink, not the man.
I hope.

After a lovely leisurely walk with the dog on  a sunny Sunday morning we went into Southport to buy my husband and new cycling bag another lazy  evening watching The Book of Eli.
Still another week of my 31 for 31 October capsule wardobe challenge to go and I am enjoying the way I have to be creative.
 I think I may do it all over again in November.
Fancy joining me?
I wore:
Saturday Day
(5) Boots - Clarks
(15) Jeans - Tesco
(27) Jumper - Wallis
Underarmour - sportswear
Saturday evening
(16) Shoes - Clarks
(20) Dress - H and M
(5) Boots - Clarks
(26) Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
(14) Denim Shirt

Friday 19 October 2012

Teenage Tantrums

Not me, my daughter.
How does anyone cope with a 15-year-old daughter?
When will it end?
Positive answers please

Thursday 18 October 2012

Autumn Shades

The tree outside my front door is turning beautiful shades of brown, red and gold.
I think it has had a subconscious influence on my choice of outfit today.
(23) Boots - Clarks
(15) Jeans - Tesco
(31) Toop - Primark
(22) Cardigan - Matalan

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Miss You Dad

Today is the second anniversary of my dad's passing.
You can read my farewell here.
I can't believe the time has flown by so quickly.
I miss him.
So much.
I wore:
(7) Boots - Clarks
(10) Skirt - Marks and Spencer
Underarmour - sportwear
(27) Jumper - Wallis

Tuesday 16 October 2012

What's Black And White And Red All Over?

What's Black And White And Red All Over?
I think that was the first joke I ever remembered.
A newspaper, of course!
But that was then and this is now.
Today I am black and white and red all over.
(5) Black Boots - Clarks
(20) Red Dress - H and M
(3) Black Top - Primark
Belt - Next

Monday 15 October 2012

My Top 10 Style Rules

(10) Boots - Clarks
(26) Black Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
(21) Animal Print Shirt - Marks and Spencer
(13) Red Cardigan - Tesco
I had a look through some of my favourite Autumn/Winter outfits of the past few years and realised that I don't tend to wear a belt that much anymore.
So today's outfit was inspired by a desire to wear a belt.
I decided to make a collage to see if my favourite looks had a theme.
I realised that there were several aspects of styles that appealed to me and suited my shape.
1. Primary colours (especially red)
2. Colours near my face, black on my bottom half.
3. Straight leg trousers.
4. Knee length skirts
5. Boots
6. Scarves
7. Spots
8. Stripes
9. Belts
10. Animal Prints

Sunday 14 October 2012

Notes From A Weekend

Friday Evening
A meal out (Vegetable Soup, Spinach and Goat's  Cheese Canneloni) followed by a drink in a local bar with live music.
(16) Shoes - Clarks
(26) Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
(29) T Shirt - Tesco
(18) Jacket - Debenhams
Bag - Karen Millen
Took my son to an Open Day at Liverpool John Moores University.
Managed some shopping at Liverpool One (Marks & Spencer top for me, T-shirt and jeans from Zara for my son).
(5) Boots - Clarks
(6) Skirt - H and M
(19) Jumper - Asos
Scarf - Next


Morning walk with my husband and the dog before breakfast and the Sunday papers; shopping and Sunday Roast.

(5) Black boots - Clarks
(15) Jeans - tesco
(30) Long sleeved t-shirts - Tesco
(14) Denim Shirt

Friday 12 October 2012

Black Friday

This week has consisted of too much black.
Next week I pledge to colourize my dailywear.
Today I have had a great day cleaning and tidying.
Now I am off to get my nails done and this evening I am out for dinner with my husband.
Tomorrow I will  be  taking our 17-year-old son to Liverpool John Moores University for an Open Day and on Sunday I hope to do very little apart from watch films and drink wine.
How about you?
I wore:
(28) Shoes - Clarks
(26) Jeggings - Marks
(14) Denim Shirt
(27) Wallis Jumper


Thursday 11 October 2012

Demob Happy

I am feeling a lot brighter than I normally do on a Thursday morning as it is my final day of the working week.
Thanks to four parents' evenings I have acquired enough TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) to take a day off.
I will spend Friday cleaning so that I can enjoy the weekend without any of the usual chores.
Not very exciting but it makes me  happy!
I wore:
(5)  Boots - Clarks
(2) Skirt - TK Maxx
(24)Vest - Asda
(25) Shirt - Primark

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Back To Black

Back to my Boden Loulou Dress.
Today I styled it with my Boden ruff necklace and Clarks boots.
The more I wear this dress, the more I love it.
I wore:
(23) Brown Boots
(12) Boden Dress

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Leather Look

This skirt is such a fine fabric but it looks like leather from a distance.
I don't think I would have chosen it in the shop but when I saw it in the online Gap sale last year I snapped it up and have worn it many times since.
I have to admit Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week.
But today was good.
The sun shone and the autumn trees looked picture perfect.
And I have booked Friday off work so Tuesday is my new Wednesday this week.
What's your least favourite day of the week?
I wore:
(21) Animal Print Shirt - Marks and Spencer
(22) Brown Cardigan - Matalan
(23) Gap Skirt
(7) Boots - Clarks

Monday 8 October 2012

Colour Blind

My camera appears to have gone colour blind.
I took two photos today.
One outside in the natural light.
The other inside with the hall light on.
I was amzed to find the indoor shot was truest to the colour.
The shade of the red in the photo below has turned my dress and scarf orange.
If you know anything about photography and light, can you enlighten me?
I wore:
(20) Red Dress - H and M
(4) Black Top - Primark
(1) Boots - Clarks

Sunday 7 October 2012

Notes From A Weekend

On Friday I met up with some friends for a PTA Pamper Party at the children's school.
This was followed by a drink in our local pub which meant I didn't get to bed until 1.30am.
Saturday started off with sunshine pouring through the bedroom blinds.
After watching my son's football team win 3-2 to  get to the final of a local cup we came back for lunch.
After the children had organised their day my husband and I took the dog for our favourite walk in the pinewoods. 
After lunch I went to the hairdressers and in the evening we went out for dinner to the home of our friends, Dave and Jane.
Dave was best man at our wedding and Jane used to be my GP although she has moved to a new surgery.
Sunday was spent shopping, tidying and waking the dog.
This evening we will have a meal together followed by a film - tonight it will be Warhorse.
I am finding that the reds in the berry laden trees are influencing my outfits this weekend.
Picture 1:
(16) Shoes - Clarks
(15) Burgundy jeans - Tesco
(17) Animal Print Top - Primark
(18) Jacket - Debenhams
Picture 2
(16) Shoes - Clarks
(15) Burgundy Jeans - Tesco
(19) Slouchy Jumper - Asos

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