Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Breaking Bread

This Easter weekend I read a lovely interview with Raymond Blanc about his love of food.
There was, M. Blanc said, no crisis in the world that couldn't be made better by sharing a meal together.
The word "Companion", he added, is derived from the Latin words, Com (with) and panis (bread).
I love the idea that a problem shared with bread, is a problem halved.
And it gives me the chance to introduce my travelling companions on my recent press trip
They are from left to right, Dr Marilyn Glenville, one of the world's leading nutritional experts and author of several best-selling books; Lisa, a health and beauty writer for a new to be launched glossy magazine, Fleet Street legend, Rosie Boycott, me and Mateen who writes for Asian Woman magazine.
Here we are in the Viva Mayr dining room sharing our last supper of broth and bread together.
What I love about press trips is the random gathering of writers who would probably never ordinarily meet.
Although I enjoyed the company of all the women it was Marilyn who provided the extra source of comfort and a second opinion when I wasn't entirely convinced about the regime we were enduring.
Marilyn is such a great advert for her work. She was the only one of our party who did not suffer from headaches and withdrawal symptoms as her diet is so healthy anyway.
She also meade me realise just how vital nutrition is when a chance conversation in taxi on the way back to the airport may just save the life of one of our party.
As soon as I got back I ordered a copy of her book The Natural Health Bible For Women to use as a blueprint for my future health.
Who would you most like to break bread with?


  1. Blimey! Marilyn Grenville what a brilliant person to be staying with. I can guess that Rosie needed some vital nutrition advice - she is a card! Please do a review of her book!!

  2. Wow - what great company! I have quite a few great role models, but they have all passes on - like Marie Curie. She's probably the person I would most love to sit and have a long chat with!

  3. Awesome post and amazing women! I've got to store that away about "companion."


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