Wednesday, 14 April 2010


If my imitation Alexa bag is Lexie; then this homage to the Mulberry Roxy bag is my Loxy bag.
I bought this bag from Oasis in 2005.
It has worn well except for a big black ink stain at the back.
I prefer to write with my Waterman fountain pen and that means I must carry lots of ink around with me.
Although I was a little upset when the ink leaked through I began to see it as creating character.
And now I love this imperfection - a bit like the Greek waiter's take on Shirley Valentine's stretch marks!

Today I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Jeans - Top Shop
Top - Asos
Jacket - French Connection
Bag - Oasis
Notebook - Moleskine
Pen - Waterman
Corsage - M & Co.


  1. Actually I am beginning to dislike you!! ,for your youth and beauty and style ,it seems there is nothing you cant wear ,Ah well at 69 ,I still know what suits me ,and enjoy my clothes and I certainly enjoy yours ,I received my book this morning whey heyyy (I like you really )lol Jan xx

  2. Great look and I love a Moleskine and I do think I should have a fountain pen too now you've mentioned it xx

  3. This is a great look on you! I really like the pin with the stripes.

  4. Very pretty... I like the corsage it gives the whole outfit character.
    Oh how I love fountain pens... I have not written with one in years !

  5. Tres stylish! I love the bag story - it's so true, isn't it, that the things we love accumulate stories along with the wear?

  6. You look fantastic!! Those jeans are perfect on you!!

  7. Great outfit. I like your bag too, ink and all I'll bet it is great to haul stuff in.


  8. Shut up that Loxy bag is so creamy and gorgeous I love that almond shade of brown. Great blazer!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  9. How come your twin sister is as gorgeous as you but has not got the personality to develop her own style?

    Anyway, I feel very inspired by jour choices and will kill the first person who insinuates I am too old to do so.

  10. love this classic look! you always look so great! have an awesome weekend love!

  11. Well, In Style was showing how Lady Gaga tagged a LV handbag yesterday so I think you might be right in style....

    Great looking outfit!


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