Thursday, 8 April 2010

Not Ready For My Close Up

Today I was back working in the prison and I had forgotten I was going to be filmed.
Last week we had an actor come into the prison to perform a series of monologues that my writing group had created.
When the filming was finished I was asked if I would present an introduction to the short film.
Not only had I forgotten this was being done.
I had also forgotten it was to be filmed after lunch.
And after I had been to the gym.
Although there is a staff shower in the prison gym, there is no hairdryer.
This meant a frizzy limp-haired mess.
Oh dear.

Today I wore:
Jeans - Top Shop
Dress - Ormskirk shop
Shoes - Clakrs
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins


  1. I like that necklace ,you dont say where that is from ,you look great as ever Jan xx

  2. If this is what you looked like after the gym, I don't think you had anything to worry about - you look great!

  3. I really love the navy with red!

  4. Back in prison... that sounds/reads so odd !
    I like this look !!! I cannot believe that you are just out of the gym....

  5. I think you will look fab anyway, with that lovely smile how can you look a mess??? Ciao. A.

  6. Love this outfit, the dress is cute, is it from your recent Topshop visit?

  7. You look lovely! I hope it came out all right.

    I'm so excited about shopping in London.

  8. I'm sure it was great. Are you still writing that book on your prison experiences?


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