Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Seville Weekend Wardrobe

Before I start writing the travel feature I thought I'd share my mini break wardrobe with you.
My husband organised the trip and as he likes to travel light he had not booked any checked-in luggage.
I had to use a carry-on bag for almost four days worth of outfits, two pairs of shoes, toiletries, make-up, hairdryer and chargers.
Each day would require two outfits and as we moved from temperatures of less than 10C in Liverpool to 32C in Seville it had to be a wardrobe of many layers.
While I wouldn't say I have got this mini break wardrobe down to a fine art yet I certainly enjoyed the learning process.
Next time I go on a city break there will be two pairs of flat shoes and one heeled pair instead of the two heels and the one pair of Fitflops I took this time.
I will only take one pair of jeans or trousers, one less dress and add a skirt.
If anyone has some top travelling light tips they would be gratefully received.
But of course this trip to the annual Sevilla Feria which celebrates fun, food and Flamenco was a great excuse to dress up.
So without further ado here's my wardrobe for the weekend.

Travel to Seville
Jeans - Top Shop
Wedges - River Island
Dress - Boutique in Ormskirk
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Friday Evening (Drinks and a Meal)
Chinos - New Look
Wedges - as before
Vest - Isabella Oliver
Cardigan - as before
Saturday Morning (Sightseeing and Lunch)
Jeans - as before
Dress - TK Maxx
Saturday Evening (Meal and Flamenco Show)
Dress - Primark
Shoes - TK Maxx
Shawl - Bought in Seville
Sunday Morning (Sightseeing and Lunch)
Shoes - Fitflops
Dress - Joe Browns
Sunday Evening (Meal and Feria finale fireworks)
Shoes - Fitflops
Dress - American Apparel
Monday Morning (Travel Home)
Jeans - as before
Dress - as before
Fitflops - as before
cardigan - as before


  1. I think you did an awesome job! Love the pictures and the cohesive color choices :)

  2. Wow - awesome job. I would have probably ended up repeating a lot of outfits :-)

  3. I love the polka dots. The only thing missing is the fan! You look as if you should be dancing and you look absolutely beautiful.

    Flamenco is my absolute fav to watch (and I secretly, well it's not really a secret, want to take lessons).

  4. Your wardrobe looks pretty complete to me. I once spent 5 weeks travelling in Europe with a friend. We each had ONE carry on bag. Talk about a challenge.


  5. Great job, I know how tough it is .. we did the same when we went to France!!

    Great outfits! Loving all the red!

    Sal xXx

  6. The capsule wardrobe in action! The red looks beautiful on you, and it's also so unabashedly Spanish!


  7. I know you will be able to do it... you are the capsule wardrobe queen. :-) I know I can't do it, 4 days with just a carry-on luggage. I love the outfits you wore. xoxo

  8. cool outfits!
    you look good, seriously =)

  9. Those are a lot of stylish looks packed into one carry-on. I really need to work on packing light...

  10. Can't believe you fit all that into a carry on! I'm a master light traveller and have blogged about it several times, but I take a LOT less stuff. Well done

  11. I know you will be able to do it... you are the capsule wardrobe queen. :-) I know I can't do it, 4 days with just a carry-on luggage. I love the outfits you wore. xoxo


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