Monday, 31 May 2010

Red Dress Reappears

This is a new version of one of my favourite red dresses.
My old one got too tight across the chest so it is being transformed into a bag by Kiki.
I acquired this one from ebay in a size bigger and it is so much more comfortable.
Today I went to see my son play in a football final.
The good news is his team won.
The bad news is he only played for 5 minutes.
Still - he got his medal.
And before I go just time for a quick apology to Sheila who will also be joining our Capsule Challenge and who I missed off yesterday's list.
Sorry Sheila.
Forgive me?

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Jeans - Top Shop
Dress - Joe Browns


  1. Ha! Of course I do! :-P I'm busily plotting my mini-capsule...

    You look lovely in that dress.

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  4. Love the dress, and the way you are wearing it with jeans--too cute. I would live in jeans if possible.

  5. That is so cool that you were able to get a new version of your favorite dress! If only it could be that easy for every item you love and lose. I know there are some things I hang on to for far too long because I can't bear the though of not having it anymore.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Great dress.. and even cuter paired with jeans.. very nice!

  7. The dress is one of my favorites out of your closet so I'm happy for you that you could replace it.


  8. You were lucky to find one on ebay!

  9. What a lovely,lovely surprise! - you got the beloved dress again! - and no surprise, you look stunning!

    It was especially good to see you dressed in it because I've been working on the "transformation"; been writing a bit about it on my blog.

    This will speed me on, even though being the 2nd mother to James cramps my style and slows me down.

    Hope you are having a good and stress free Half Term! x

  10. The dress is one of my favorite features from the closet therefore Now i'm happy for you that one could change it.


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