Thursday, 20 May 2010

Black Linen

I used to love the Estee Lauder perfume White Linen.
It always smelt fresh and new and like a whole clean blank page.
Unusually for a writer I love blank pages.
I never get writer's block because I always have something I want to say.
I wonder what Black Linen would smell like?
After I took this picture the zip on my black linen skirt broke.
I was never sure about the skirt.
In a way I am glad I have got an excuse not to wear it.
I don't want to bother getting a new zip to fix it but I think I will give it to my friend Kiki who makes amazing bags out of recycled fabric.
Before I go I'd like to say a big thank you to Kayleigh of Fashionably Later for the two awards she has given me.
We have been blogging friends for almost two years.
We were both women over 40 trying to find out style when we began blogging.
Sadly in April last year Kayleigh was diagnosed with breast cancer and almost anything that could go wrong and become complicated, has.
On the plus side she has been supported by her husband and two children, her family and friends both close to home and in the blogsphere.
I salute Kayleigh for her strength and spirit and the fact that she never gave up blogging.
I always felt happier seeing a post and knowing she was on the (at times winding and very slow) road to recovery.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt and Vest - Gap
Jacket - Oli
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Did you cut your hair? It looks great today!

    Sorry to hear about your friend...thoughts and prayers go out to her...

  2. Sending good thoughts of health and welbeing into the universe for Kayleigh.

    I think black linen would smell light with but a hint of spice.

  3. Oh I so sympathise about your zip breaking as soon as you had decided to wear the skirt. Were you in a hurry as well, I wonder? Something like this has happened to me so often when I've been in a rush. Then have to totally change my outfit because of colours, styles etc not co-ordinating! I love linen and wear a lot in the summer despite the creasing, which actually I rather like. It is perfect for English summers. Despite fashion photo shoots and the movies, I would never recommend wearing it is somewhere with drenching humidity like Singapore when it shrivels to a rag and looks a sight. BTW haven't you heard - "Noire de lin" is my new scent specially composed for Chanel and is resonant of night-scented stocks (intense heady, dangerous, femme fatale!) In my dreams...

  4. Oh! So classy! You are gorgeous in black with your light hair!


  5. Jane, you are so dear, thank you VERY much for your kind words -- both in this entry and so many other times when you've left your heartfelt comments throughout this last year on my blog. You really are a special person.

    Oh, and I used to adore White Linen too, almost forgot about that light, fresh scent. Hmmmm, I would imagine Black Linen to be musky and earthy...maybe a little mysterious ;)

  6. eek - this picture was taken two days before my haircut.
    La Shaune (and eek) thanks for your kind comments about Kayleigh and yes I think the perfume defintely would have spice.
    elegance maison - I have decided to get the skirt made into a bag and I agree with you about the creases.
    Julia - you are so kind.
    Kayleigh - it is so lovely to see your face again in my comments box.


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