Thursday, 23 May 2013

White Linen

This white linen shirt reminds me of White Linen perfume.
I used to think Estee Lauder was the height of sophistication, especially the fragrance ads in glossy magazines.
I wanted to live the life of the Cinnabar woman which looked full of glamour and a hint of danger.
I loved the heady scent which wasn't quite as overpowering as Opium - the other 1980s teenage scent of choice.
Then along came White Linen, its crisp and clean notes seduced me.
For several years I wore White Linen and it is probably the start of the journey which led me to my signature fragrance which is Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir - a mix of the strong fragrance of Cinnabar and the clean lines of White Linen.
What's your fragrance story?
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Trousers - H & M
Shirt - Boden


  1. In my late teens/early twenties I was mad about Calvin Klein's Eternity. My next favourite fragrance was Laura Ashley's Eau de Cologne (it had no specific name; it came in a green box with a simple logo) but unfortunately, the line discontinued. Then I came across Barbour Cologne and it was love at first sig...smell :) It is sadly no longer available either, not even on ebay. The story of my life :( I still have a few drops and I'm keeping them as my greatest treasure!

  2. I remember the scent of White Linen, a friend of mine wore it. She was pure and straight like the fragrance. I prefered Shalimar.
    Your blouse is amazing, reminds me of summer - which is far away here.

  3. I don't wear too many fragrances, but it works out well since then I only have to buy a new bottle of perfume once every 10 years.

  4. Cinnebar - that's a blast from my teenage past!
    I always liked the idea of a signature scent, but have never had one, being too flighty to stick to just one! Anything floral or fruity and fresh is fine with me, but nothing too musky, sweet or "powdery", if you know what I mean. xxx

  5. I don't wear linen.. in fact i have not had a linen item in quite sometime. Even though it's light enough for my weather and i like the fabric, the fact that it wrinkles keeps me away from it.
    I have a close relationship with fragrances :) it's what i do for a living and i also tend to relate fragrances with moments. Gloria Vanderbilt reminds me of my 16's as it's what i use to wear.
    Later on Liz Claiborne was my favorite... in fact just rcently I was able to find a bottle of this perfume so i hope to wear it again soon-

  6. The only smell I wore was Exclamation! in grade 7. All the girls wore it, and my sister and all of her friends wore Vanilla Musk. So many bottles fell out of lockers onto agendas, binders and textbooks, and now I think I'd still be physical ill if I smelled either! I have scent allergies, and wearing any scent will give me a migraine (even scented deodorant has an "adjustment" period for me), and any perfume worn by anyone with lilac notes, or even just a slight spray too much and I'm out with a migraine. Sigh, I love how classy the movies always made spraying perfume look!