Saturday, 25 May 2013

Girls' Night Out

I am a bike widow this weekend as my husband and his pals are off on their annual Coast To Coast Cycle Ride.
This year it is the North Wales Coast to the South Wales Coast, (Caernarvon to Tenby).
Last night two of my fellow bike widows and I went for a drink and a bite to eat in our local village.
I even got chatted up.
Today I am off to watch my youngest play cricket and the sun is shining for once.
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Boden
Bag - Gap
Necklace - Local Shop


  1. Love the colour of the dress and nice to get chatted up, does one's confidence the world of good! xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit. Dress and necklace are stunning! I too am a bike widow this weekend - my hubby and 39 others are doing coast to coast in Ireland.

  3. What a beautiful dress. The color is so gorgeous on you.
    Sending good wishes to your family and husband for safety for him during his bike trip.

  4. Of course you did - blue is fabulous on you. You look so happy!

  5. Looking great - you suit blue so well...I'm not surprised you got chatted up! x

  6. Not surprised you got chatted up - you look great! Love the dress and the necklace, and the shoes are perfect!

  7. What a beautiful dress Jane! The color suits you fabulously.

  8. That dress is STUNNING -- the blue goes so well with your coloring and the cut is perfect. Gorgeous :)