Monday, 20 May 2013

Date Night

 It has taken me nearly 24 years but I think we have got the hang of this Date Night thing.
Not every week but every other Friday my husband and I try to go out together in the evening.
For last week's Date Night I chose this dress.
I last wore this dress for my son's 18th birthday party in 2009.
I love the dress but the main reason I haven't worn it is that I was too big.
Thanks to the 5:2 diet I have managed to shed some very unwelcome pounds and while I am a good way off my perfect weight of 8 stone 4 pounds, I am much happier than I was in my clothes.
I wore:
Shoes and Dress: Karen Millen
Jacket: Miss Selfridge


  1. OMG, I love this dress...the colors are gorgeous, and the shoes are superb. And that jacket with it is PERFECTION...the flowery dress, the tough leather -- you look stunning :D

  2. Well done you, you look amazing in that dress xx

  3. Love the big bold print on the dress, great colours, and it looks fabulous with the biker jacket. xxx

  4. Looking good! Sometimes just a few pounds one way or the other makes a big difference doesn't it?


  5. That dress is lovely on you and I do like that big radiant smile. x

  6. A beautiful dress, Jane. You look stunning in it, particularly with the cool leather jacket.

  7. I love the length with the close fit--very sophisticated.

  8. I've just bought a biker jacket (today actually) and am so pleased to see you styling yours so beautifully, will give me courage to wear's a bit out of my comfort zone

  9. that dress looks amazing with your leather jacket!
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