Monday, 27 May 2013


 I know fashionistas will maintain there is only one Cricket but I beg to differ.
In my family Cricket only has one meaning.
My late father was a Cricket fanatic.
As a child he would take me to watch Lancashire at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester (yes, there is only one real Old Trafford and it is not the football ground).
My youngest son has inherited his love of the game and his ambition is to live in India and play in the IPL league.
He is a wicket keeper (far right in the picture|) and this weekend played his first match in an adults game which he had to wait until he was 13 to do.

Although he did score 13 runs, he was caught out and was not happy.

I was glad I was wearing layers to keep warm as there was a cold wind blowing.
In the days of my childhood the sun always shone at a cricket match.
Cold weather - well it's just not cricket!
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Tesco
T-shirt - Warehouse
Denim Shirt - Barcelona shop



  1. Cricket is completely unknow to me, I don't know whether it is practised in Germany. Maybe, but not here. But I wish your son that his dream will come true.
    And I wish you as I also wish for me, warm weather and the chance to wear our summer dresses. But nevertheless you look cute and stylish in your marine outfit!

  2. Cricket is my guilty secret! I love IPL, I've missed April in Goa so much, the entire state comes to a standstill when the cricket's on.
    My second-cousin is Mike Brearley! x

  3. I totally agree it certainly isn't Cricket! Well done to your son, your Dad would be so proud. Can't beat a breton/denim shirt combo, although hopefully it will be vest tops soon!

  4. I used to be a cricket widow, and Dave was a wicket keeper. He's cut back on the games now thankfully, not nice to lose an entire weekend day!

  5. sorry, that was a really random comment! Well done your son and i love his ambition is to play in the IPL! I love the IPL, the crowds are so enthusiastic!