Monday, 28 July 2014

St Lucia

After reading Fab At Any Age I nipped over to the Boden sale and bagged this lovely dress for £23.
It is one of my few, new buys for my holiday in Barcelona in a few weeks' time.
The dress is called St Lucia and I love the Caribbean vibe.
It reminds me of my recent trip to Mexico.
I wore the dress out for a family meal at the weekend when my brother and his family came up.
We had a lovely weekend as the weather was hot and we spent most of Saturday on the beach.
Long may this lovely weather continue.

St Lucia Dress and Sandals - Boden

Beach Dress - French Connection
Sandals - Birkenstock


  1. A great finding this dress! The polka dots and such a cute blue, perfect not only for holidays.
    Sabine xxx

  2. Lovely, fun summer frock & lovely family shots too! X

  3. Lovely pics and a great dress! Lynne x

  4. For a moment there I thought you were in ST LUCIA! then i read the post :)
    I was actually there once, its a beautiful but very poor place :/

  5. Looking good in St Lucia honey! Love it! xx

  6. Gorgeous family looking great at the beach! xxx

  7. Beautiful dress & what a bargain! Looking lovely & relaxed in your photos x

  8. I like both of the dresses. It has been a long time since I saw the French Connection label, almost forgot about it. It looks like you really took advantage of the warm weather you are having.


  9. GREAT dress at a GREAT price!

  10. How fab to be close to a beach. We were just down the road from you at Speke Hall last weekend, hoped you'd have come. xxx

    1. Would loved to have come Vix but I was away on a yoga weekend. X

  11. What a lovely dress and what a gorgeous family you have! x

  12. I am certainly envious of your upcoming holiday, and your pretty new dress!
    Chic on the Cheap

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