Friday, 18 July 2014

White Linen

A whiff of white linen perfume instantly transports me back to the summer of 1984.

I am 18.

I have bought my first bottle of perfume with my Saturday Job wages and have just sat my A-levels.
I am on the way to Spain in a coach with my friend Karen.
This photo was taken during a food break, somewhere around the French/Spanish border.

I am on the verge of leaving the tiny terraced home of my childhood to embark on the adventure of adulthood and a new life at university.
The clean, fresh fragrance instantly recreates a world of warm, summer evenings, blue skies and endless possibilities.

Right now I can be anything I want to be.

I had no idea I would meet my future husband during my first term at university.
That I would enjoy 20 years in my dream job as a journalist and become a mother of four.
The possibilities may not have been endless but some of my dreams did come true.
I have no idea of the future ahead of me now but I have faith that some of my dreams may still come true and that there will be some surprises along the way.
Until then I will enjoy a night out in my white linen dress and look back fondly on the last 30 years.

I wore:
Shoes - Gap
Dress - Boden


  1. Such a lovely post Jane, really choked me up. It's lovely to see that you achieved some of your dreams and due to your yoga are still achieving them. You have had a long and happy marriage and given birth to four gorgeous kids, I take my hat off to you lovely lady, that is something to be proud of! Oh and I used to love White Linen, you have made me what to smell it again, I wonder if I will be transported back to my first bottle x

  2. Lovely reading this(you are blessed for sure, Jane:), lovely! X

  3. Some scents bring back memories. I still like White Linen although I don't have any at the moment. Maybe I'll try it again the next time I go shopping. You look lovely in your white dress and have accomplished so much to be proud of.


  4. What a stunning dress on you. Just gorgeous! Lovely post too. Lynne x

  5. An wonderful look back Jane! A friend of mine uses White Linen, I remember it was a fresh scent perfect for young girls. Your white linen dress is amazing.
    Sabine xxx

  6. It's magical how a scent can instantly transport you back isn't it? Anais Anais does it for me, takes me back to being 20 and meeting my husband. Lovely memories! Your dress is gorgeous, very flattering x

  7. White Linen is my favourite perfume. My Mum used to buy it for me every Christmas, and I still buy it now. You've had a successful life Jane, you've achieved a lot and you have more to come xx

  8. A lovely retrospective, Jane, and who knows what is yet to come in your story? More good things, I hope. xxx

  9. What a lovely post, Jane. You look fabulous in your white linen dress :-) xx

  10. Oh, isn't it incredible where life takes us ?
    and just to imagine what's to come :)