Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Floral Blue

It's turned out chilly again so it's back to boots.
This is the third Thursday that I have worn this skirt and there are still endless possibilities within my wardrobe.
Today I wanted long sleeves for extra warmth.
The only thing this skirt lacks is pockets.
I love pockets and I find they are useful for stopping low rise skirts rise up!

One more day until the weekend and despite the Bank Holiday I am flagging.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Ralph Lauren
Blouse - Zara
Necklace - Marks & Spencer


  1. I keep putting my boots away, then getting them out again. So cold still!

    1. I always save these caramel ones and have worn them in May, June and August before.
      July seems a safe bet!

  2. Yes, it's wet and chilly here too, back to tights and boots!
    The skirt is obviously going to be a really versatile item, and the shirt is a very pretty print. xxx

    1. I am looking forward to wearing it with a vest in the summer, whever that is!

  3. There are those super boots I love -- they look great w/that skirt, the colors play nicely. Your necklace really compliments the blouse, too.


  4. I have a similar shirt and a similar skirt !
    i only need to get the boots :)