Friday, 16 October 2009

The Weekend Round-Up

I love the Tesco waterfall cardigan which gave me a fantastic long and lean shape this week.
I was so desperate for a red one I bought a pot of dye and planned to convert the grey one to red.
Luckily I logged on to the new Tesco Clothing website and they had a red version as an online exclusive.
Tesco's clothing can be hit and miss but there are a few great finds like this skirt and the red necklace I wear a lot are well worth it.
Dawn blogged about the new Peter O'Brien collection at A-Wear.
I have never been to an A-Wear store but discovered them online and am impressed with the new collection.
I have my eye on this classic cashmere jumper.
And finally, one store I will be trying out on Monday when I am in Liverpool is George Davis' new venture, Give.
As someone who is not a standard height or size the fact that you can get your garments altered in-store is a plus well worth paying a little extra for.
But even better it is all included in the price.
This weekend I am off to Chester to attend a writing workshop as part of the Chester Arts Festival. It is being run by John Killick and Myra Schneider who wrote the brilliant "Writing For Self-Discovery".
I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I do like those cardigans... and really like the price!
    I badly need some longline cardi's but really wanted a couple in different colours, this makes it more affordable.

  2. beautiful cardigans! and quite thrifty, even with the conversion... but of course, they won't send it across the pond, like all of the good stores. *sigh*

  3. The cardi looks great on you - you might be disappointed by GIVe - I didn't think much of it and a bit over priced too.

  4. When I was Europe, I liked the Tesco clothing as well. I love how sheer that cardigan looks on you! Lovely!

  5. Love that long cardigan. What a find!

  6. Lovely Cardigan! so versatile :)

  7. Hi there-well done on bagging the cardi in red!! Have a good Sunday my dear!

  8. I tried the grey jumper on myself and I loved it. The smallest size was a tiny bit too big for me but it's so soft and warm.

    Love your Tesco cardigan, your comments about Tesco clothes is encouraging me to take a look at clothes in Tesco next time I'm there.

  9. Nice! If the cardigans make you look as good as these do, you may as well duplicate when you find them in your favorite colors.

  10. OMG! I luv your TESCO cardigan, it's solely CHIC and it looks FABULOUS on YOU!!!:)

  11. that's a lovely cardie!

    But what I really want to know is where you got your top from. Is it newish, i.e. could i still get one? I'm dressing up as where's wally? for halloween and am looking for one like it. So far I've tried topshop, h&m and gap to no avail. These kinds of tops used to be so popular, but seems like they're 'out' at the moment!

  12. I like your look. The cardi gives it an upgrade to casual but the red shoes keep it simple :o)