Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Converting A Dress Into A Skrit

I loved this dress.
I love the fabric, I love the print and I love the colour.
What I don't love is the fact that it was a bit too short and a bit too tight across my chest.
As someone with a petite but curvy figure it is often hard to get clothes to fit.
I wanted to wear this item more often and the only solution was to turn it into a skirt.
I am no seamstress so I tried to keep it as basic as possible.
I cut across the natural division between the skirt and the top part of the dress, turned a hem over and thread some elastic through.
I topped it with my old favourite New Look sweater which is the perfect fit.
It is not the smartest look in my wardobe but this outfit is my equivalent of a trask suit or PJs - comfort clothes for a busy day working at my computer.

Update: On this day last year I wore the most hideous outfit of the year - check it out here!


  1. well all I can say is- I need your type of track suit! ;) Great look!

    Wish I was handy like that... I can't sew, or at least not if it will make it through the wash cycle!

  2. I've done this several times Jane.
    Especially with a dress that fabric is awesome, and doesnt fit me-I cant resist!

    Good looking track suit!!

  3. Well done, a good job done and it will be a year round versatile piece in your wardrobe!

  4. Great save to a well loved piece!

  5. great style... you are a genius.

  6. Wonderful! It's always so satisfying to make something you'd like to wear into something you actually wear!


  7. This is the easiest way to convert dress and even long skirts. I've definitely done it a couple of times.
    Love the result!

  8. I've never tried to make changes that include cutting .... but it's a great idea specially if it's a garment you want to keep around :)

  9. wow it's hard to believe that was a dress!

  10. I'm envious that you were able to change that, I still have simple skirts sitting around that just need hemming, I'm just no good at any form of sewing.
    I love that you can use this again now as a skirt... great idea.

  11. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Day two is not going as well. I will write and inform later!
    Your challenge sounds really interesting. I will take a look at your blog and find out more. Enjoyed this first post already!
    7 days, 7 ways lady!