Thursday, 15 October 2009

Go To In All Shapes and Sizes

I have been called long and lean.
And tall and sleek this week.
Oh how I wish.
At a curvy (chunky!) five foot nothing that would be a dream come true.
But the comments gave me confidence to try a new shape skirt.
This pencil skirt was something I would never have tried but for two things.
Firstly, the kind comments as above.
Secondly, the fact that it was reduced to £9 in the Marks and Spencer sale.
Even as I stood in the queue I wasn't shure whether I should buy it or not.
I wasn't even sure of the colour.
It said "midnight" on the label but it looked black to me.
After trying it on again at home I decided this could be a new go-to outfit for me.
Flattering skirt. Check.
Heeled Mary-Janes. Check.
Stripey Top. Check.
The skirt even has pockets which is great for a slouch like me.

The picture on the right was taken at 6.30am.
The picture on the left at 4pm - see how much it has creased.
I am not so happy now.
The verdict forom my writing class?
I look a cross between a chic Parisienne and Dennis the Mennace!

What's your favourite Go To Outfit?

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Marks and Spencer
Top - Primark
Pendant - Cambrils Market - Spain


  1. The skirt looks great on you!
    My go-to is: black polo neck, bootcut jeans (or denim mini & black leggings), cowboy boots, brown or leopard print scarf.

  2. that skirt is really cute! I never would have guessed you are 5'0! I am 5'4" and have considered myself chunky/curvey/short too ;)

    You look really great :)

    My newest go-to outfit: sleek pants, a cardigan, and a pretty blouse.

  3. I can't believe you are only 5" tall :) - your photos make you look at least 5'9" (I would have guessed!)

    Wonderful look!

    My go-to outfit these days are jeans with a cute top and high heels!

  4. Yes! I totally agree, the pencil skirt is so flattering on you! It does make you look so tall and lean. You really do know how to dress your body and you always look great.

  5. That is a really nice shape on you. And a bargain too... what luck!

    Really you are 5ft? I'd always thought you were taller.

    I'm not much taller than you, I'm 5.3ish but no one would ever know that as I very very rarely wear flats usually a good 4 inch heel!. All my friends and even my other half are always quite surprised when I take my shoes off!

  6. That skirt looks killah on you. Look at you, Ms. Long and Lean!!

  7. Hi there-that is a really nice skirt, shame about the creasing though. I love jeans, tee and leather jacket or blazer-predictable, but just me, LOL!!

  8. There you go! Notice all the comments on here saying you look taller. As long as you don't stand next to one of your sons, you can get away with it lol. Being the sameish height, size and shape, I do empathize. Although we will never have 'legs that go on forever' or be called 'tall & willowy' we can do petite and ingenue. I think you look great and I like the french reference, very chic!

  9. It looks lovely - all pencil skirts crease tis the nature of them!

  10. You look so much taller than 5ft! It must be your proportions. I'm only 5'1 but my mother always said I photograph tall, which is true if don't stand next to anyone else. :). Anyway, I love that shape skirt, and it's even better if one's got hips to show the hourglass to full-effect, I think! A perfect go-to outfit!


  11. You are certainly far from chunky! You have a great figure that you know how to dress. Love the skirt on you - it shows up as dark blue in your post, shame about the creases but I wouldn't worry too much - most of us look a little creased by the end of the day Lol!

  12. I got a kick out of those comments, but I don't see Dennis the Menace so much.

    I'm amazed - you look much taller than I assumed you were. I think I'm the reverse - I don't have lean proportions so I probably look shorter than I am in photos.

    I wouldn't worry about the wrinkles. My skirts often look like that by the end of the day (depending on what material they are made from) and the wrinkles usually come out after I hang up or steam the skirts in between washes. It looks great at the beginning of the day for sure.