Monday, 5 October 2009

The Yellow And Grey Dresses

When I was a child I can only recall seeing my father weep once.

I had come home from school and he was sat in the living room with tears streaming down his face.

My mum worked during the day and my dad worked in the evenings so there was always someone at home.

As both my brother and mother were not in the house I immediately began to fear the worst.

I stood in the silent doorway with a feeling of dread.

He still couldn't speak.

I looked at the television set in the corner of the room where pictures were flickering and the credits were rolling on a daytime television programme.

It was Little House On The Prarie.

And yes, that was what had made him cry.

When I saw this yellow Noa Noa dress for sale in TK Maxx last week I immediately thought of that moment.

This is a dress that Laura would have worn.

The sturdy cotton and its easy style would mean that after walking four miles to school and coming home to do the chores, the dress would still look great for playing in the fields before sunset.

It is a little too much on its own which is why I have layered it under this plain grey dress.

Oh and its freezing today so two dresses are always better than one during the winter months.

I am thinking of buying the Little House On The Prarie boxset for him for Christmas - that's if there is such a thing.

Yellow Dress - Noa Noa

Grey Dress - Dorothy Perkins

Boots - Clarks


  1. Great dresses, very inspirational to layer them, they look great together!

  2. There is, there is, Jane! And more than one boxset! Just look on I used to cry a lot watching them as well. The dress is sweet. Looks great on you! Ciao. A.

  3. Gosh I used to love that programme, used to watch it at my Grandparents on a Sunday...
    Love that look today, yellow and grey look great, will have to try it out! x

  4. That is such a sweet, sweet story, Jane. I hope your dad is touched by his gift.

  5. very cute! dress layering seems to be very popular at the moment :D
    I can't try it, since I only HAVE one dress, but it looks fun!

    I love the story about your dad and how you link it to what you are wearing. isn't that the POINT of fashion/creativity- it makes you think of other things/ remember cherished memories/ reference something only you would know? ;)

  6. I used to run home from school to watch Little House on the Prarie. I can still hear the theme tune in my head. He's going to get a lovely surprise at Christmas - how thoughtful! Love the dresses too, you look great. Hx

  7. i never saw the show, but i loved those books so very much! i remember all of the discussions of making new dresses (yearly) so absolutely vividly!

  8. What a great story! That dress is lovely, and the layering is just perfect.

  9. Oh I love the two dresses layering!!! The cuts and colours are perfect.
    I just love the pictures, so nice!!! ;)


  10. What a great story to go with a great dress! I love that you've layered 2 dresses - I would have never thought to do that. Hmmm, off to check my closet...

  11. Great story I did laugh! The layering is gorgeous, grey and yellow looks good together.

  12. That is a delightful story, a beautiful dress, and adorable pictures!

  13. Oh, how sweet! I used to watch reruns of that show frequently while I was growing up.

    I love how the top-layered dress really modernizes the "Little House on the Prairie" dress and makes the print more intriguing!

    Thanks for letting me know about your fitness campaign. Okay, I will try to get on the ball about updating my log. It isn't interesting reading, but it is good accountability for me to know that I need to update it.