Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Inside Out

Here's a rare chance to see me wearing my coat.
This great hulk of a Parka was a steal from TK Maxx at £29.00.
It was in the clearance sale and fits lots of layers underneath for the cold weather to come.
Today I was back in the prison to deliver a writing workshop before meeting Jenn for lunch to discuss a project we will work on together in the New Year.
I miss Jenn.
Jenn was the librarian at the prison until she left in July to take a career break and finish her second novel.
We made plans to attend a writer's networking event in Birmingam next month which should be fun.
She told me that the rights to her first book have been sold to the US and Italy - which is great news.

I wore:

Shoes and Coat - TK Maxx
Trousers - Asda
T-shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan and Necklace - Tesco


  1. So sleek and I love that heart pendant you always sport!

  2. Love the inside and the outside. And it really was a steal :)

  3. I love TK Maxx I get all my best bits there. I feel as if no one else has it!

  4. can i assume TK Maxx is britain's version of TJ Maxx?

  5. Hi there-your coat was a fab buy, it looks really cosy and stylish too!! From Sharon rose

  6. you look so long and lean in the black cardi ;) beautiful!

  7. Love the first photo. I agree you look so lean and tall.

  8. I love a light colored coat. Gorgeous on you! You teach writing as well? I'm a sometimes creative writing/American Literature adjunct instructor. What do you teach? How interesting.

  9. Love, love, LOVE that outfit! Those trousers are magnificent!

  10. You rock horizontal stripes like no one else! Love this look!

  11. Oh, wow, I love the stripes with the high-waisted pants and the long cardi! You look about 6 feet tall!

  12. Penny, Nurmisur, Sharon-Rose, Meli and Leah - Thanks. I love the idea of little old chunky 5ft me being long and lean! Amazing what clothes can do.
    MDS - I have just discovered that TK Maxx is online. Fatal!
    Thrifty Stylist - yes, I have just checked, it is the same company.
    Julia - Ther eis more about my work on my other blog -
    Kyla - I am glad you like the trousers, I haven't worn them for ages.
    Clare - yes, I do love my stripes.
    Sheila - Six feet tall - I feel it now!

  13. I'll bet that coat keeps you very warm during cold winters!

    I so love that black cardigan. Look how completely tall and slender you are, and the cardi just emphasizes it!

  14. The outfit you are wearing has to be one of my all time favorites of what you've shown. The coat will keep you cozy all winter.


  15. What an amazing bargain coat. Looks so toasty!!!

    Can't believe you found that dress for a fiver! total bargain. Have you noticed its particularly low cut though, I've had to put a permanent safety pin in it. x