Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Purple Ruffles

I have not worn this blouse nearly enough.
The ruffles look almost transluscent when worn which makes it difficult to find clothes that suit.
I bought this dress from the sale rail at Wallis during the summer.
I think it cost around £10.
I think the dark purple made me see it more as a winter dress than a summer one.
Lots more running around to do today and this is the perfect outfit for an active day.
Much better than a tracksuit!

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Dress - Wallis
Blouse - Precis Petite


  1. Hi there-the blouse and dress work really well together, I love purple for autumn too!

  2. I love your purple dress and the combination white top.

  3. Love the color on this dress and the adorable running picture!

  4. I love the running photo - you put my poses to shame. I realise as Tyra would say I'm a one trick pony with my hand on hip number!!

  5. Great idea taking a summer dress and layering for fall :)

  6. Love the dress. I'm a big fan of the purple this season.

  7. Those are the most fantastic boots! I drool every time you wear them!

  8. I would have never thought to layer a jersey dress (I'm assuming it is...) like that but it makes it look very professional and chic. This is why I blog, to learn something new everyday...

  9. The blouse/dress combo is great. I'll bet you come up with some other clever ways to layer that dress, it looks so versatile.


  10. That dark purple is GORGEOUS.

    I'd wear it in the summer with some light coloured flats, and a light coloured purse or accessories

    No need to think of dark colours as only for winter :) They can be fab for summer too, especially in that gorgeous shade