Saturday, 24 October 2009

Back To The Future

I used an old favourite workshop for my Prison Writing Group - imagine a photograph of yourself in 30 years time.
Two of the men in my group are 62 and 74 so that made them think and they did come up with some great stuff.
I always join in the writing exercise with the men and I saw myself as an elegant white-haired lady enjoying a cup of coffee in a busy South American city with my son.
If you would like to try it I have adapted if from Margaret Wilkinson's brilliant workshop here.
I think it must have been playing on my mind because last night I dreamt I was walking down the road when I saw an elderly lady lying in the road - she had fallen.
I helped her back on her feet and took her home and was surprised when she showed me her blog which had hundreds of pictures of her daily wear thoughout the decades.
She also kep some rather large labrador dogs too.
Psychoanalyze that!

I wore:
Dress - New Look
Shirt - M & Co
Boots - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Your future you says you are doing good!

    the blue check lifts your outfit, you are great at wearing colour!

    I'm going to be head down for a week to write 12,000 words so I might post but probably won't comment due to my deadline.

  2. Hi there-wow, those are very interesting thoughts and dreams!! Love this outfit, plaid looks good on you, very casual chic!

  3. I really love this outfit! Your workshop idea sounds fascinating. I'm sure it says a lot about the mental state of each person, whether their "ending" is positive or negative. It seems it would help put things in perspective, too. Whatever you're going through today, no matter how difficult, will be so much less prescient in 30 years. So interesting, Jane.

  4. thats an interesting dream! I had a few tonight that were really odd...

    love the blue plaid!!

  5. Love the workshop idea... I might give it a try later.

  6. What a neat dream. I've never met myself - present, past, or future - in a dream before. But now I hope to.

  7. Mmmmmmm!
    I'm loving the outfit and the fact that you co-ordinate with the kitchen :-) Hxxx

  8. Another great outfit and another great prompt for a writing workshop


  9. what an interesting idea... I'm gonna try!
    Love your outfit!

  10. I hope you are having a good time on your hiatus! I love what you've done with your checked shirt. So cute.

  11. I like hwo you tied the shirt--I usually do that with a sweater-I am going to try it!