Monday, 28 September 2009

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day One

I posted about my Capsule Wardrobe here and the look was inspired by Alexa Chung's front row outfit.
I have, however, modified the look.
Alexa has a long, slender figure which means a baggy t-shirt suits her fine but being shorter and curvier would make me look like a sack of potatoes which is why I've gone for my fitted Gap t-shirt.
I have chosen grey tights to blend in with the grey skirt and shoes in a wistful wish to make my legs look longer.
And I've gone for heels rather than flats.
I've also added a cardigan as I have a lot of running around to do today.
I wish I had selected a grey long cardigan like this one but as it's the Capsule Challenge I will have to stick to the purple one and add a grey one to my shopping list.
The skirt and cardigan are from Tesco.
The t-shirt is Gap.
The shoes are Clarks
The tights are from Next.


  1. I've posted my list today.
    I've also gone for the tee and skirt option today aka Alexa although it is and has been my default option for years!

  2. I'm liking the same color leggings as the skirt. It does elongate your legs!

  3. what a cute idea! Love the look on you, purple is such a good color for you and I STILL love that tulip skirt.

    I posted my Day 1 look for the challenge too! Funny how both of us wanted to elongate our legs today- I went for black tights and black heels.

  4. I was supposed to say what Sher just commented. The monotonous color of the skirt and leggings made you look taller.

  5. You are SO channeling Alexa. Great first capsule outfit!!

  6. WOW! YOU look FABULOUS! The color combination is solely BEAUTIFUL and the leggings are an ingenious Fashionably FAB detail!
    p.s. YOU should be in sitting in the front row with this OUTFIT!!!:)

  7. great choice my dear, purple really does suit you!

  8. like several people before me, I'm in love with that skirt!
    just got around posting my stuff, too. choosing the capsule really wasn't easy!

  9. Very nicely done... I can`t wait to see the rest of the week !

  10. Posted my 'day one' look today (and my list)! Not sure how I'm going to fair mind you!

    Love your look today, I like the way you've adapted it to your shape, really clever.

  11. Great outfit... love these capsule wardrobe challenges! Still don't know if I could manage it though. I'm still too wardrobe organisationally challenged!

  12. Very nice! I love the shape of the skirt on you and how you kept your lower half monochromatic. Can't wait to see how you work these pieces into the rest of your week.

  13. Looks lovely! I wish I could be so well organized. Unfortunately I never know what to wear and I've got problems to combine my items of clothing together!!! Ciao. A.

  14. Great! I love the grey. Am I seeing grey everywhere this fall? Is it the season's new favorite color or just imagining that?