Friday, 25 September 2009

The Gift

I had a great day at the prison.
My workshop went well and I told nine of the men I work with that they had won prizes in The 2009 Koestler Awards.
It is such a great gift to give out good news and see the reaction.
And when I got home there was a little gift waiitng for me.
Sheila had told me about a pink jacket that she no longer wore and promised to send it to me.
She was as good as her word and I was delighted with the colour and the cut of the jacket that just may very well find its way into my capsule wardrobe challenge for next week.
And that wasn't all - wrapped inside the purple tissue paper wthis wonderful notebook covered with shoes.
I know exactly what I will be doing with that notebook and you will find out next week.
Thank you so much Sheila.

This weekend will be very busy - tonight I am throwing a James Bond theme party for my son's 18th.
I have 100 guests including 80 18-year-olds to entertain.
Wish me luck!

To work I wore:

Jeans - Gap
Shoes- Clarks
Top - Primark
Cardigan - Tesco
Necklace - Next
Pink Jacket - Sheila


  1. Wow, thats a pretty pink jacket! Have a great time tonight!

  2. the jacket is truly awesome! have fun with it!

    and hope the party went well, it sounds like huge fun!

  3. Sounds like you are doing some worthy work with the prison!

  4. You are so lucky, what a lovely gift... its just perfect on you.

    Hope the party went well! (I can sympathise, just went through that with daisy's 13th party - although no alcohol at that one obviously - just 80 hormonal teenagers!)

  5. Lovely jacket and it is pink... my fave color.

  6. aaah 80 people! Have a great time! :D Love the jacket- it took a normal casual outfit and gave it a special something!

  7. Beautiful jacket! Sheila is a keeper ;)

    Now, I want to hear about the party after LOL!

  8. The jacket looks great on you, Jane - perfect colour! We are the same size, how cool. I'm so glad you like it, and the notebook too. I can't believe it only took 1 week to arrive (actually, less, since I mailed it last Saturday)!

    Wow, that party sounds like fun! Good luck!

  9. Lovely pink! Suits you perfectly. I'm so keen on the JBond night. Pls show us some photos!!! Ciao. A.

  10. Aww, what nice gifts! The jacket looks great on you.

  11. That pink jacket suits you marvelously! How very pretty :)

  12. what nice gifts! The jacket looks great on you.