Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Falke Tights

I know it is only the second day of autumn - but I am cold.
And yes, I am wearing black opaque tights which mean WINTER but.....
And this is a big BUT - they are Falke tights.
Before I continue I would like to say I hate tights.
I hate the itchiness on my legs, I hate the constriction of the waistband.
I hate the way my legs seem to encourage Norra Batty wrinkles in my tights.
But what I hate even more is the cold.
And if I have to wear tights then I am determined they will be the best.
I had noticed that every fashion spread I had seen recently featured Falke tights so I logged on to UK Tights and ordered a pair.
I nearly chickened out when I got to the checkout and realised how much (£13.65 incl p&p) I was spending on one pair of tights when I normally chuck them in the supermarket trolley.
But - and here's another but; they are worth every penny.
My legs feel like they are coated in warm velvet.
The waistband goes exactly where I need it to be and they are so comfortable.
And, if I wear them a couple of times a week for the next six months then they will be worth every penny.
Oh and another thing - I ordered them on Tuesday afternoon and they were here by 10am on Wednesday.
What's not to like?

I wore:
Skirt - Matalan
Shoes - Clarks
T-shirt - Primark
Cardigan - Tesco
Tights - UK Tights


  1. Hi there-I'll be investing in more tights soon, so I might give Falke a go!!

  2. I've never heard of Falke - at least they're cheaper than Walford!

  3. That's great, you found the perfect tights for you.

  4. I hate tights too! Actually I cannot stand socks either! That's why I hate autumn/winter the most, because I have to keep my feet (and legs of course) warm! I might have a go at Falke too, although I'm a little bit worried about ruining them. I cannot wear tights more than once without snagging them! Thanks for the advice. Ciao. A.

  5. love the skirt!

    in tights- for myself, I like the fact that they slim the look of legs.

  6. That is service! I have decided that I am going to buy good tights this year!

  7. Tights can be rough for me too...must find stateside version of UK Tights....

  8. It is such a delight to find something that fits perfectly isn't it? I like your "working" photo.


  9. now THAT'S fast delivery! you look like me in that last picture-multi-tasking!

  10. I'm cold too... everyone keeps getting bored of me telling them round here.

    I quite like the feeling of tights, apart from the waistband bit, you're right there.

    These sound like the 'must have' tights, I may have to try them out, although you'll have to let us know how they fair, I am prone to holing my tights most days so these would be too expensive for me to replace everyday!

  11. I love my Falke tights too! You should also check out the Danish brand MP; they also make excellent quality, comfy tights that are well worth the investment.

  12. I love tights... they make the winter so much better!

  13. You look so fun, I love your red shoes with the tights.
    I'm usually a cheap tights buyer too, but I love the feeling of a brand new pair. (Was it Bruce Willis who wore each pair of socks once and then gave them to charity??)

  14. I have never tried that brand - I am not sure if they are sold in the US - but I'm starting to think that slightly expensive tights are worth it if they genuinely last a long time. I've invested in Oroblu microfishnet tights after hearing how long they last.

    Then again, the most long-lasting pair I ever had was a diamond-patterned pair from Boots that I got on a UK trip for £5 each, so who knows...

  15. I like Wolford´s. Black 66 den. Also 80 den. Both are great. The best!