Saturday, 5 September 2009

All You Need Is A Swag Bag

"All you need is a swag bag to complete the look."
That is how I was greeted when I arrived at work in the prison yesterday.
My not so secret blog is now wide open since the article appeared in The Liverpool Echo and both prisoners and prison officers alike can't wait to express their opinion on what I am wearing.
"Eclectic bohemian," was another considered opinion on my ensemble today.
It wasn't what I was thinking of when I got dressed this morning but our creative efforts are always open to interpretation.
The top I am wearing was bought from the Zara store at Barcelona airport.
Usually I buy perfume but I figured clothing would last a lot longer.
The wrap was £5.00 in Principles closing down sale and the original ticket was £49.
The jeans are Gap Curvy - my favourite brand and the brooch was a leaving gift from my colleagues at The Ormskirk Advertiser where I spent three years as a young journalist before moving to The Liverpool Echo.
This weekend will be football, football and more football with a viewing of "500 Days Of Summer" thrown in.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hee hee - I am busy guessing which one of them it was who came out with that comment. The daily commentary about my appearance is something that I WONT be missing from my job there.

    I have a suggestion for a post for you - how about ideal clothes to wear for working at home when you might need to pop out for a meeting and need to be comfortable, but semi-presentable. I'm thinking some sort of 'writer's capsule wardrobe'

    x Jenn

  2. I agree with Jenn... that will be a very nice topic. I work at home most of the time, in between shoots. Normally, I always am in my pajamas working on photo layouts the whole day. But sometimes, I have clients who visits me at home and then I had to rush and change into something presentable.

    BTW, I love that brooch and thank you for that so wonderful love quote.

  3. Wow, I can't believe you work at a prison...that makes you extra tough :)

  4. Brilliant! I love the Zara at Barcelona airport. If I buy anything there it has to fall apart before I part with it.

    I'm intrigue about your job in a prison - in a good way!

  5. Jenn - great idea for the post.
    Leah - I will sort something out this week.
    eek and Make Do Style - I work as a writer in residence at a men's prison in Lancashire, UK. I blogged about it here:

  6. Your outfit reminds me of the seaside again and my homesickenss is increasing! I dread the starting of the football season, especially when I have to drive the kids around and wait in the freezing cold! Anyway hope it's not too bad there today! Let me know about the movie pls. I'm tempted but nobody wants to go with me! Ciao. A.

  7. Hi there-another fabulous, chic outfit and I love how you use red to complete your outfit looks! I was inspired by you to buy a red top last week and found a red Topshop vest, which I am wearing in tomorrows post. I'm on the look out for a decent red cardi or a red figure hugging crew neck jumper for winter. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Love the cardigan!!! No one at my work knows about the blog stuff, but I'm definitely the only one there who doesn't come in wearing khakis and a blouse everyday, so I get lots of "huh, that's interesting" or "I never would have thought to wear that" comments. In any case, I think you look fanTAStic! Have a great weekend!!

  9. It's football/soccer tournaments all weekend here too. This is the first year I don't have youngest one signed up in one. But he did just make the school team yesterday (yeah)

  10. I thought that would be it - I was going to ask if you were a writer in residence.
    Good work indeed! I've got a football weekend too on the tv, it had better be finished before x factor.

  11. Now everyone is your fashion critic! Great article in the paper too - congrats on that.

  12. That must be interesting to have both your colleagues and the prisoners aware of your blogging activities! Had any of them known about your project before?

    I love the recap from the article on the successful (and some not so successful) moments throughout your year of working your wardrobe.

    Finally - love the striped top under the wrap. Genius!

  13. I just read your post on your job...that is amazing! It must be so fulfilling to be making such a difference in someone's life and to (hopefully) be changing the direction of the rest of their lives. Great work!

  14. OMG! YOU are not only FASHIONABLY FAB but SOLELY FABULOUS!!!:)

  15. Aparently there are more people interested in fashion than you though.You're famous now and have to live with it :)