Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Last year I launched the first Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.
And I was stunned when bloggers across the world joined me.
The premise was simple: Turn ten items into Five Looks.
Kasmira asked me if I was planning to do it again.
Why not?
Last year it was in December so this year to make things a little different (and probably easier!) it will be week beginning September 28th.
If you take the challnge you are permitted to select ten items from your wardrobe which must be mixed and matched for your working week (Monday - Friday) and this includes SAHM's whose working week is spent doing the most important job in the world.

All major items including shoes and outer attire must be limited to 10.

Underwear and hosiery are excluded - use as much or as little as you wish.

This year I will be awarding a special prize to the most innovative blogger who rises to the challenge.
If you sign up for the challenge I will post details of your blog.
What are you waiting for?

Today I wasn't sure how to wear this new Matalan dress.
What do you think?


  1. I love the dress and you did right in adding a vest... I love the 3rd look. I'm still thinking if I have the ingenuity to join the challenge. I'll get back to you later if I decide to. Sounds exciting, but I'm just so boring. Hahaha!

  2. I like the dress with the vest, too.

    I wasn't around to join in last year, but I think I am going to try my hand at it. I'm mentally trying to prepare a list...lol.

    Does the 5 accessories rule still apply?

  3. Oh gosh. I want to say I'll do it but I'm afraid the results wouldn't be good.......... Maybe I'll do it without you knowing... ;) I really like your outfit with the open vest!

  4. Sounds like a cool challenge...unfortunately all I wear are scrubs to work so my daily wardrobe is pretty boring!

  5. I like the new dress with the vest buttoned up - it gives you definition in the waist.

    I am so IN for another wardrobe challenge, Jane! I have the same question as ModestMom: the 5 accessories rule? I may also have to self-impose "no items from last year's capsule wardrobe."

    For ladies who are waffling: do it! It is so much fun to try to stretch out of your comfort zone!

  6. Ditto, I am with Sheila! The vest buttoned up-great attention to your waist.

    I am in with you on the challenge??..gulp..I am working two jobs now, so I will really will have a challenge, as I cant always wear the same thing to both jobs. ( working one during the day, and the other at evening..etc)

  7. I also love the dress with the vest - I like it both ways, they are quite different looks.

    I am very tempted to join in with your challenge - I loved reading about the last one last year :-)

    I will have to think about it, will you post the full rules again? I can't remember exactly what they were.

  8. Leah, Elaine and kiltsnquilts - Please join us. I'm sur eyou will enjoy it.
    Modest Mom and Sheila - Yes. The 5 accessories rule still applies. I will post full rules soon.
    Erin - How about you use just your day job?
    I am already starting to plan what I will wear.

  9. Hi there-hmm, sounds an excellent challenge, just not sure if I'm brave enough to join in-I'll let you know!!

  10. I can't believe it has been ten months since the last one! The time has gone so quickly. I won't be taking part this time (I'm enjoying experimenting at the moment and don't want to add any more restrictions) but I'll be watching with interest! :)

    This dress is lovely! My favourite of the three options is the one where the waistcoat is buttoned up.

  11. I vote for the look with the vest buttoned up as well. I like the bit of red you added with the necklace.


  12. I actually was going through your old blog the other day, came upon the challenge, saved the info, and was thinking about doing it. So now you saved me the hassle of asking permission- I am so up to join in ;)

    Very cute dress- third look is best imho!

  13. I am thinking about joining the challenge. I remember seeing what everyone did last year, and thinking it was so cool, but it was such a bad time of year work-wise that I couldn't fathom finding the time to figure it all out. Late September is much better for me, though. I think I'll be able to swing it. But I'll probably just do one post sharing the whole week's outfits, rather than a post each day. I'm getting ready to re-start blogging in a couple of weeks, so it'll be one of my first posts if I do it. You may have noticed that I took an unannounced break from the blog. It was unplanned, but badly needed. I'm looking forward to returning though, with a different twist.

  14. Oh, and I like all three of your looks here, especially the third one.

  15. Go on Sharon-Rose!
    I understand Andrea.
    Thanks Darla.
    Meli22 - what agreat coincidence.
    Stephanie - I am so glad you will be blogging again - I have missed your posts.

  16. Hooray! I'm excited to do this again! I'm actually taking the day off on the 28th, so it will be an extra challenge to pull a casual outfit out of the mix.

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  18. Sorry the one above was me - a moany blog I set up ages ago after a trip to the in-laws! It was an secret one..

    Anyway yes count me in - great idea I'm up for the challenge.

  19. Grinandbearit at the in-laws? Surely not. :)

    Anyway, sorry, back to the topic. The challenge sounds great, but coming between a parental visit and a half marathon I'd be barking mad to join in.

    ...But I'll enjoy spectating and seeing what the rest of you come up with!!

  20. I'm in on the challenge! I'll just have to find my camera and batteries for it, otherwise I might be lacking on the picture front :)

    And the dress is lovely, I like the third look best.

  21. I would love to join the challenge.
    I'm having dificulties posting comments in your blog. The blogger doesn't recognize my identity.
    I like the dress with the vest button or not.

  22. OMG! This sounds FABULOUSLY FUN!!!:)

  23. I just ran into your blog by accident and I am blown away... innovation, creativity and please, count me in on the challenge!

  24. I would love to join, I have just googled your last challenge. Really inspiring.

  25. I'd love to join ! I' m a sucker for a challenge :)

  26. C. and I have just started fashion blogging, and this will be our first challenge! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what everyone puts together.

  27. This could be fun - I currently work 2 jobs and go to school, sometimes all in the same day, so it will be fun taking my usual : "How do I transition this from work to class" issue to the next level! We'll see if I can actually do it - I love a new challenge!

  28. I'm on for this challenge! It sounds like great fun! I came by this challenge via www.youlookfab.com/welookfab but I've been reading your blog for a while.

  29. i like the sond look, the vest is really pretty whit that dress, and closed ir creates a nice line!
    The contest is so cool, i think ai will participate, but let me read the rules again, english is not my first language, so i got a little bit confused!

  30. is t 10 items for day, in the 5 days of the week? sorry, i cant get it!