Friday, 11 September 2009

An Ode to My Boots

I have just returned from another wonderful Writers In Prison Network Conference.
It was lovely to meet the new writers who will be starting their prison residencies in October and catching up with my fellow "lags" including the poet, Brenda Read-Brown and Storyteller, John Row.
I was touched when Brenda admired my cowboy boots and within five minutes had scribbled this little ditty.

"Hell For Leather"

Cowboy Boots should show their wear -
Stirrup scrapes; abrasion from the girt;
Whatever. These have done their bit.
Scruffy, scuffed; treated without care,
And yet well-loved. These boots are tops
for Jane. They take her here and there -
Wherever. But their life's been shared,
For these boots came from a charity shop.
They've ridden the lonely High Street trail'
Sat astride the bargain rail;
Faced the sunset of the last-chance sale -
accompanied the writer's wagon train.
They're not just any boots. They're Jane's

Brenda is an amazing woman who began her writing residency last year.
Here she is being interviewed by another fellow writer in residence John Row who presents a radio show on Ipswich Community Radio.
Listen to Brenda reciting her poems on John Row's radio show on Thursday at 10am.

Brenda has also reached the semi-finals of the BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam competition and I will eat my cowboy boots if she doesn't win!

Thursday I wore:
Cowboy Boots- Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Gap
Vest - Isabella Oliver
Wrap - Jow Brown's

Friday I wore:
Cowboy Boots and Wrap as yesterday
Dress - Joe Brown's


  1. adore the dress- and how you sued the wrap with it too!

  2. How awesome to have a poem written "after" your boots. Love the outfits.

  3. Brenda has a gift! I would take me a whole week just to come up with something for my school assignment.

    Your wrap sweater is so stylish. Love the way you tied it loosely very sexy :)

  4. that little poem is adorable! <3!

    red and blue are such classic colors- and they're apparently a very hot combo at the moment! Everyone I see lately is wearing red & blue with white, or black, white & red!

  5. Looks fabulous you and Wales! Is it Llangrannog??
    I'm intrigue to where you went - just a bit homesick

  6. I seriously hope that you don't have to consume that leather!

  7. cowboy boots are one of my faves, I love them with your dress, what a great look!
    lovely poem x

  8. Okay, I just got totally weepy reading that. Granted, I am a sucker. But still. That was so sweet. What a darling pal.

    P.S. Please don't eat your boots. They are too cute to eat.

  9. I wish boots can be an everyday thing in my part of the planet but it's just so hot in the tropics. I only wear my boots when I'm on my fall vacation which is real soon. I'm going someplace cool and boots-friendly.

  10. This is such a FABULOUS POST, it has all the perfect ingredients! I LUV IT!!!:)

  11. Hi there-those cowboy boots are certainly inspirational in every way!! Looking lovely and have a good weekend too!

  12. Great pictures!And great boots :)

  13. Thanks for the great feedback.
    And in answer to the questions.
    1. Yes, I will be doing another Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.
    2. The Writers In Prison Network Conference was in Welshpool.

  14. How fun to have a fellow writer's poem inspired by what you are wearing!

    I'm glad you had a great retreat - thanks for sharing about your experience.

    (I love your periwinkle wrap!)