Thursday, 17 September 2009

Feeling Blue

Today's title says it all.
1. I am still poorly.
2. I am due to be a godmother to my nephew Seth at the weekend and the car has just broken down.
3. I don't know if I will be well enough to travel across the country.
4. My car definitely isn't well enough to travel across the country.
5. We have two options - pay in excess of £200 on train fares or hire a car for slightly less.
6. My work is piling up.
7. My daughter has just told me she doesn't feel well either.


  1. Opps - timing!
    Don't worry and take deep breaths.

  2. Love the cowboy boots!



  3. It will all work in the end. Just take baby steps, one thing at a time.

  4. Oh boy, sounds like you have your plate full. Don't stress, things will work out and even though you feel blue -- you look amazing:)

  5. I hope things straighten out for you, get well soon!

    And despite all the unpleasant things you have to endure right now, you look awesome. This blue really suits you well and I love the dress.

  6. but you look amazing! i love the blue wrap with the b/w graphic dress. just perfect!

  7. Sorry you are still feeling ill, I hope you feel better by the weekend - travelling when you feel crappy isn't fun :-( Hope your daughter feels better soon too.

    I agree with everyone about the blue - you do look great in it! But...does wearing blue make you feel more blue?? Try red and see if you feel any perkier :-)

    Thinking of you, hope your weekend works out :-)

  8. That is terrible! Those things always break down at a bad time. I suppose when is it ever a good time..... I do hope your family starts feeling better. And I hope things get figured out with your wheels. Not sure if you should go if every one is getting sick. (hugs) hang in there.

  9. Jane, Hope you feel better soon, what a bugger to have car problems, a great event, and not feel good all at the same time. Take care of you!

    You do look fab thou, I always tell myself this:

    Always try to look your best, when you are feeling your worst!

    It helps..Here's a hug to you!

  10. Oh dear, hope all goes okay.

    you look fantastic considering! x

  11. Jane - that blue looks fabulous on you. I hope that cheers you up!

    Sorry you're not feeling well - any chance of getting the car fixed before you go?

  12. you might feel terrible- but you don't look it thankfully! you look really good in this outfit- very cute.

    I really hope you feel better- it sux when you feel ill, and on top of that, you have a lot going on, and then your car breaks. :(

  13. Sorry you're feeling blue. On the upside, you're looking beautiful today.

  14. Well, you look fab, even if you're not feeling fab. I hope it gets better soon.

  15. Oh no, that is too bad. I hope that things pick up tomorrow. :( Hope you are able to travel safely.

    On the upside, you look fantastic in that blue wrap top even if you're feeling blue.

  16. You are all so kind. My parents are taking our eldest son on the train so we don't have to hire a people carrier. The car will take a week to repair. The good news is that another mechanic is looking at it today.
    I appreciate your comments and I will take on board what you say especially kiltsnquilts idea to swap the blue for red!

  17. Hope you feel better today.
    The blue wrap is fab!
    Hope you picked the hire car option - trains are a nightmare for getting cancelled/delayed for engineering works on a weekend.

  18. Sorry to hear about the problems piling up like that. Hope it works out for you some way or another. Feel better soon.


  19. Hope you're better today and you've sorted out the car (or the hire car). If not, have a look at the site: It gives you the best car rental options options. I'm plagued by migraine today and fighting the internet as usual! Wish you all the best. Ciao. A.

  20. I hope you, your daughter, and car all feel better soon! oxox

  21. Sorry that you and the car are both unwell! You look great in that outfit and you look very tanned too!