Monday, 21 September 2009

Forever Autumn

When I was a child, the song Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward always made me sad.
I have never managed to shake off the dread of autumn.
It's not because I dislike the season, but because it means that winter is not far away.
I hate winter.
I hate the dark, the cold, the bleak deadness and the miserable days.
Sunny days in winter taunt me with a "see what you will be missing for a long, long time."
I never feel right until the first warm day of spring.
Today is the first day of autumn.
It will be another six months before I feel truly settled again.
Unless I book a one-way tioket to Australia or new Zealand!
Don't forget to join up for the Second Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge here.
Just six days to go.

Todau I wore:
Boots - thrifted
Skirt - Joe Browns
Top - Primark
Jacket - TK Maxx
Scarf - M & Co


  1. This doesn't feel like a cold autumn but instead a warm, spring-like autumn. I love the colours and have to say, you do look like we could go to the same university :)

  2. Looking fabulous as usual... I love autumn but I never had an experience with winter yet.

  3. I love Autumn and don't mind Winter too much, although some days it is a drag.

    Glad I've caught up with challenge rules now - thank goodness for the five accessories - I had a belt and scarf as one of my 10! I'll be laughing now...

  4. Great skirt! I have a hard time with winter too, but I feel like I wouldn't fully appreciate summer without a cold, hard, reminder of what it's like not to have it.

  5. Is the skirt new? It's great and looks like it could go with so many things.

    By the end of summer the hills are brown and things seem kind of dingy here so I welcome the change to fall. I agree that winter can go on too long tho.


  6. lovely color combination- LOVE purples on you. That skirt is fab!

    I also hate fall and winter- particularly cold, snow, and driving in the snow.

    But there are good things that I love that only happen in fall/winter- it's not so hot my hubby is sleeping 3 feet away from me, and I can use the cold as an excuse to really get some cuddling in ; ). I love warm fuzzy sweaters, and lounging around the house in a pair of fleece or flannel pants. I can wear boots and not sweat to death. And holiday season only happens in these months...

  7. We will try to keep you warm and make your days sunnier :)

  8. what a gorgeous skirt! i can understand why the approach of winter would make you dislike autumn. around here, however, the seasons are basically summer, bad summer, a little less summer, and fall! ahahhaha. so i'm looking forward to fall for sure!

  9. Hi there-thats a great skirt, like you I've started wearing scarfs too!!

  10. LOVE that skirt.

    I love Fall and winter, but here in Dallas, that really only lasts from Nov-Feb, so it's not really long enough (or cold enough) to get tired of it, and it's still sunny a lot.

  11. Wargh! I know what you mean though I do love the fall....what I don't like are the industrial skies that await for us in the NYC region during the months of Jan - March....again, Wargh!! ***sigh, depression;)*** Wargh!!!

  12. I feel exactly the same: I hate winter, and Autumn is just its prelude, so even although it's been a warm Autumn here so far, it still makes me feel sad. So many people seem to love winter too, which makes me feel like a bit of a freak for hating it so much, so I'm glad it's not just me!

    Hate it or not, though, this is a lovely Autumnal outfit - I love the jacket!

  13. Love your outfit! For me that is one of the many things I love about autumn and winter - being able to wear boots and scarves with everything!! I love scarves and even try to wear them in the summer if I can get away with it Lol! Hot Chocolate in front of the fire, early nights with a good book, home made soup and bread - and did I mention boots and scarves??? I don't dislike summer, but wouldn't really want to live somewhere that didn't have seasons.

    At least in NZ the winters are not like the British and Scottish winters I have grown up with - over here the locals say it is 'freezing' at 4 or 5 degrees!! I remember daytime temps of -10 in Scotland and colder at night!!! I dont' even own a proper winter coat anymore!

    Hey, book a ticket - come visit :-)))

    We are getting typical spring weather at the moment, sunny days, torrential rain, cold nights and mornings - but I have to confess I am looking forward to summer and time spent in the garden. Keep smiling, at least you will look gorgeous :-)

  14. Oh, I'm with you on that... not keen on the cold months – although at least we get to pull out the scarfs again.
    You look fab though! x

  15. I like the beginning of winter but tend to get seasonal affective disorder and that sucks. So by the middle of December, I want warm weather and sunlight again. :-)

  16. come winter I will be living in pants. That's why I love summer, all the pretty dresses and skirts we can pull out. Such pretty colors in your outfit, especially the pink.

  17. I love autumn!!! Because I love seeing the colors change! and I think you look perfect for the first day of fall :)

  18. Oooh, I love your scarf & how it brings out similar shades in the skirt!

  19. I REALLY love that skirt - especially the soft layers of ruffles! Great look!

  20. I love the autumn, but I hate winter. Cold, rain, a bit of snow, more rain, did I mention rain?? Forget it. But then, boots, tights, sweaters, jackets...all those things I don't wear as much in the summer.

    I love that skirt on you!

  21. Why thanks everyone. Maybe I am not as weird as I first thought and many of us dread winter too.
    Stacy - I think I suffer from SAD too.
    And KiltsnQuilts - your offer is very tempting!