Tuesday, 8 September 2009

There Will Be Blood

Today's unlikely inspiration comes from the bruising on my left arm courtesy of yesterday's blood test.
Needles don't bother me, the minor discomfort of a brief pain in my arm hardly registers but what I hate about a blood test is the bruising left behind.
The deep purple patterns on my arm are spoiling my fast fading tan.
Ah well - if life throws you lemons - learn how to make lemonade!
(And I have been making metaphoric lemonade a lot this year but I digress).
The array of plums, magenta and purples on my arm reminded me of this dress - the perfect autumn dress.
This morning it is grey and raining but the forecast is for warm sunshine later on.
This Ciel dress made out of heavy duty cotton with its short sleeves is perfect for days like this.

I was worried about how I would fare with my new hair and after a 30 minute run in the rain this morning there was nothing for it but to take the plunge and wash it.
Happily it took me just 10 minutes to dry and style it.

I wore:
Dress - Ciel
Shoes - Clarks


  1. The new hair cut is really looking good and has the added luxury of being easy to manage, win-win! Are you going to let the tan fade naturally or top it up with something 'out of a bottle?':-)

  2. Eek, my best friend is a blood technician and would be horrified to leave an arm looking like that! On a brighter note, your hair looks fabulous! Much better than Danni Minogue, more natural, great cut and a great style for you IMO.

    My lovely card arrived today - thank you! How cool that you chose something with fabric and stitching on, it brought a big smile to my face and I have pinned it up by my sewing machine :-))

    BTW - great dress, really shows off your tan - how about using one of the body lotions with a bit of tan in to make it last a bit longer?

  3. lovely dress!

    but really, there shouldn't actually be a bruise after a blood test. However, it often happens. My sister (who is a nurse by profession) always starts swearing when she sees someone bruised from needle stiches.

  4. bruise and a purple dress... such a fun combination. i told you your hair is fabulous.

  5. that is a beautiful dress- cant wait to see how you style it for cooler weather!

  6. Thats such a great dress, the cut and colour is very stylish and pretty!

  7. I love your new hair style. So pretty and so flattering. You look beautiful!

  8. Love the hair! I admit, its one of my favorite haircuts, and looks nice and full, and easy to do! ( I am just lazy and dont get my hair cut often enough).

    I am starting to mourn my tan. I was outside for a while yesterday..Fall is in the air here, but I always have a hard time transistioning.
    But..like you, I have some wonderful memories to keep me going.

  9. The hair do is a winner and the colour of the dress is perfect - despite the bruising issue!

  10. Love the new hair and that dress is a gorgeous colour!

  11. How funny that you are wearing a Ciel dress! I just found a Ciel store nearby and bought a purse on sale from there. I'd never heard of it before, but will have to keep an eye out on their inventory.

    Anyway, love the dress, especially the color. It looks great with your blonde hair.

  12. I really love the new hair! Super cute.

  13. Very stylish new hair cut! so chic!

  14. Love the new hair! It is so chic!

  15. OMG! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! I luv the color and YOUR hair is solely FABULOUS!!!:)
    p.s. LUV the soles too!!!

  16. Hi Jane, so nice to have your visit recently on my blog. I've been away too long. So, for starters, I love your new haircut. Your magenta dress is also lovely. You basically just look great, girlfriend. Have a wonderful time at your writers' event.


  17. The haircut looks really great.


  18. I think you coordinated your bruise and your dress very well :D. I love how low maintenance short hair is. I miss that.. :( You look especially pretty here!

  19. That color looks very good on you.
    I used to have the same problem when I would take blood, sometimes they were very nasty bruises.I though I had very dificult veins to cathc. But I've been told that it also has to do with the skill of the person taking it.