Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stylish Comfort

As the weather has got warmer it's time to revisit my sandals, or rather my Birkenstocks.
Thanks to running I have funny feet and delicate ankles.
There are few heels I can wear comfortably and the flats I wear have to be well made if I am going to wear them all day.
I have had this pair of Birkenstocks since 2008 and first wore them on my blog here.
They still look good.
Even better my tootsies feel as if they are walking in air.
Do you have a favourite pair of sandals?

Today I wore:
Shoes - Birkenstocks
Jeans - Top Shop
Camisole - Primark
Scarf - a gift.


  1. Yay, you are working the orange today Jane! You know I like a splash of orange.
    My Art Company sandals are my absolute favourites and I will cry real salty tears when they finally fall apart. They were half price (first reason to be cheerful), they have a funky wedge heel, and enough height to make me feel that I am in heels but reasonable enough to be comfortable all day. Perfect! xxx

  2. Lovely pop of orange here, you look great!
    Sadly I had a drunken incident a month ago which resulted in me loosing my entire big toe nail last week, no sandals for me in public at the mo! x

  3. What a lovely scarf and top! My favourite summer shoes are my keds - so comfy and practical! ( don't I sound boring!)

  4. I love you in this orange!! Your hair up looks great too. My favorite sandals are also for comfort but I think they look okay. They're by Wolky and they're patent dark red.

  5. I have worn out two pair of Birkenstocks in my day, but I don't currently own a pair. I would wear them YEAR ROUND if I had them. I love the scarf with this top in this look.

  6. Love orange - my favourite colour at the moment! My most comfy sandals are a sort of Birkenstock copy from Primark in nude patent. I love them.

  7. My favorite sandals (and favorite shoes and boots) are made by Naot. The brand is similar to Birkenstock: comfortable but expensive! I try to find them used on eBay.

    Orange is such a good color on you. I wish I could wear it near my face like you can. I really like the look of the scarf and top being the same color but different textures. Very nice!