Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lessons In Capsule Planning

I have said it before and I will say it again; I didn't plan this 31 for 31 challenge very well.
I had far too much formal wear for a couple of days in work in July.
Although I spent today doing chores and shopping with my daughter I did feel a little overdressed.

I can't believe there is just a week to go.
I have mapped out more than 7 outfits for the rest of the month.

Hopefully, the lessons I learn will be put to good use when I come to create my holiday capsule.

Just 7 days to go until my People Tree giveaway ends.
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Today I wore:

Shoes - Clarks (31)
Skirt - Gap (16)
Shirt - Boden (4)
Necklace - Principles


  1. I think this outfit has a lovely casual feel to it.....it's simple and classic.

    I wish I could pull of a capsule, but I'm very spoiled...I like to wear dresses very often when the weather is warm enough.

  2. I think everything you've worn in this challenge has been lovely, the simple blouse and skirt look smart but not too formal. It's been a tricky month to plan a wardrobe what with the ridiculous weather! x

  3. I don't think the weather has helped, we didn't expect it to be so horrid and then to suddenly get so hot, so I think you have done really well considering this x

  4. I'd say you're doing well with your challenge. A look like this can work for many things.

  5. Overdressed or not, I love this outfit, it's a classic!

  6. This is such a classic outfit - you look great!

  7. I think you always make it work.
    Now that you mention the word capsules... when is the next one coming up?