Saturday, 7 July 2012

Easy Saturday

Almost at the end of term and I am flagging.
Today I plan to take it nice and easy as I will be getting up at 1am tomorrow morning to travel down to Wimbledon.
We are going on a coach and will get tickets for Number One Court.
I have no idea who will be playing but last year I promised my youngest son I would take him to Wimbledon.
It doesn't really matter which games we get to see, it will be enough for him to experience the atmosphere.
Tomorrow's post will be delayed as we will be staying overnight and travelling back on Monday.
I will let you know how we get on.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks (31)
Leggings - Marks and Spencer (10)
Vest - Gap (5)
Denim Shirt - Barcelona Shop (21)
Scarf - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Looking chilled and chic. Enjoy your tennis, i imagine it will be a great atmosphere.

    X x

  2. good luck.....hope it stays dry.....I went once and had such an amazing time I've never been back because I don't think we could ever get on centre court again!!

  3. Have a great time! Your outfit looks very casual chic. If I was a bit less curvy, I would wear an outfit just like this! Alas, those pants, would not flatter my figure, but on you they look great.

  4. Hi Jane, you have won the postcard competition you entered on my blog - please email me so I can send you the voucher code. Many thanks.

  5. You look lovely. Have a good time at Wimbledon. xxx

  6. love the printed scarf!
    hope you have a fun trip and a great weekend!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Hope the trip proves to be everything the son desires.

  8. I look exactly the same as you today! Great casual look!

  9. Well have a great time. I live just down the road but will be in Bristol for the rain there. Love how long your hair has frown looks fab xx

  10. Hope you had a wonderful time and that the result was one you were happy with! Love your leopard pumps! x

  11. Wow - you can actually go there :)
    I can only see it on tv, whoever played i am certain it will create a marvelous memory for him.