Sunday, 1 July 2012

Coral Sunday

I made it to the gym this morning and completed a 40 minute run followed by Body Pump.
However, best of all I bumped into my good friend Joy who I hadn't seen for a while.
Joy is a physio and told me she wanted to start doing sports massage again and asked could she practise on me?
Hopefully, she will be able to work on my right achilles which is giving me some problems.

After a quick shower I went shopping to buy some treats for tonight's Euro Finals.
As Italy are playing Spain we settled on a mix of Spanish and Italian dishes.

I love Spain but as Italy knocked England out of the competition I think I would like them t owin as it is always best to be beaten by the eventual winners.

For my first 31 for 31 day I went for:
Coral Peplum Top (3)
Top Shop Jeans (13)
Birkenstocks (24)

Necklace by Wallis


  1. That's such a pretty top! I'm looking forward to the final, I'm undecided who I want to win as some of my favourite bloggers come from both countries!
    My Mum was a Biba lover in the Sixties and always maintained you'd never get much of it in charity shops as it was so badly made, a bit like a trendy Primark! xxx

  2. The top is so cute! I love the peplum styling, but it looks like it drapes softly and is not stiff like some of them. Very pretty with the jeans and complimenting sandals!

  3. I love this new top on you! It's a gorgeous color and excellent cut. And how lucky to have a friend who does massage.

  4. Love the Shirt in Combination with the Birkenstock Sandals ,cute Outfit! :)
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ☼