Sunday, 1 July 2012

July 31 for 31

As promised in my Budget Confessional I need to stop spending to allow my overspend to catch up with me.
In July I will be focussing on remixing with Kendi's 31 for 31 Challenge.
During the 31 days of July I will remix 31 items from my wardrobe.

So  far I have come up with 30 items and have a spare item to play with.

Here's the list with the purchase date and brand listed:
1.       Silver H & M Top (2005)
2.       Bruce H & M T-Shirt (2012)
3.       Matalan Coral Peplum Top (2012)
4.       White Boden Shirt (2012)
5.       White Gap Vest (2009)
6.       Black Gap Vest Top/Tank (2008)
7.       Purple Gap T-Shirt (2005)
8.       Oxford Gap Shirt (2012)

9. Orange Camisole (2011)


10. Longer length black leggings - Primark (2012)
11.   Short Black Leggings (Tesco, 2012)
12.   Grey Skirt (Banana Republic (2012)
13.   Red Jeans (Tesco, 2012)
14.   Top Shop Jeans (2010)
15.   Black Trousers (Primark, 2012)
16.   Blue Zara Jeans (2012)
17.   Navy Gap Skirt (2012)
18.   Safari Skirt (Banana Republic, 2012)

19. Denim Skirt (M and S 2008)


20.   Poppy Dress (2012)
21.    Check Dress (TK Maxx 2009)


22.   Denim Shirt (2011)
23.   White Gap Jacket (2012)
24.   Black and White Striped Jacket (Matalan, 2012)

25.   Birkenstocks (2008)
26.   Brown Wedges (Marks  and Spencer, 2010)
27.   Grey/Tan Shoes (Clarks, 2008)
28.   Black Boots (Clarks, 2011)
29.   Converse (2012)
30.   Tan Shoes (Clarks, 2008)
31.   Leopard Print Flats (Clarks 2012)


  1. Good luck with the challenge, if anyone can do it well it will be you. Looking forward to seeing how you mix it up.

    X x

  2. Good Luck with your challenge! I was inspired by your June spend post and did one myself - very scary!

  3. I have toyed with doing this challenge again but need some inspiration - can't wait to see your remixes!

  4. Sounds like fun - can't wait to see your posts this month. I'm on a 'No Buy July' are my inspiration! Hope I can stick to it despite 2 weeks holidays in the middle :) PS I have those grey/tan Clarks shoes - LOVE them! Avril x

  5. I love seeing challenges like this. I'm not disciplined enough to do one.


  6. I love the items you chose for you challenge. I really should do this...but I got too many good things from the Goodwill this month....

    I will join you in your resolution to tame the spending...I need to do the same!

  7. I've never done the 30 for 30 challenge. I prefer yours :) it helps me pack. It's short so I don't lose motivation. So... when are you doing the next Wardrobe Capsule?