Saturday, 21 July 2012

Planning Ahead

I wouldn't normally wear leggings with a t-shirt but this peplum top manages to cover my bum. Just.
Planning ahead, I am on the hunt for the perfect winter leggings.
They need to be thick so you can't see any underwear, not bobble and see me through the winter.
Have you got any recommendations?

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Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks (31)
Leggings - Tesco (10)
Top - Matalan (3)
Necklace - Wallis


  1. My favorite new leggings are thick, with a fleecy inside. I'm sure they're 100% polyester, but they have washed nice and I've worn them several times. I ordered 3 new colors in preparing for fall since I loved the first two I received last winter.

    I don't think there is a brand name associated with them - I get them on ebay and they are shipped directly from China so it takes several weeks to get them. But I only paid (varies by seller) $2.99 to $5.49 for each pair, including the shipping. The colors are great - navy, dark gray, cranberry, chocolate brown.

  2. I really like the leggings out there right now, well more in the Fall, that have a fuzzy texture to them. Almost like a fine wail cord. Called Jeggings I think. I've seen them at Macys and I plan to buy some for this coming season. They had some beautiful colors from what I remember.

    You look nice here in this tunic top!

  3. I only own two lone pair of leggings and neither are very thick so I am no help with the shopping dilemma. I continue to love this peplum top and the color.

  4. Kate at Make Do Style mentioned a great pair on her blog the other day. Think I might get a pair!

  5. Not a leggings afficionado (suspect that's spelt wrong!) I'm afraid, so I am no use to you on your quest. I did read on a blog ( One Denim Bird, I think) about some fleecy-lined ones which sound good for winter, and like they would be a bit more substantial. Good luck! xx