Saturday, 14 July 2012

Silent Sunday

I know some bloggers have used Silent Sunday as a way of reflecting on the week.
I would like to dedicate my Silent Sunday posting to last night's Bruce Springsteen concert in Hyde Park.
While I am disappointed on behalf of the thousands of Bruce fans whose enjoyment was limited by the silence curfew, I have to say the fact that Paul McCartney's caterwauling was curtailed can only be a good thing.

While I may live in Liverpool and it may be sacrilige to say - I am not a big fan of The Beatles.
Yes, they wrote a few good songs and yes their legacy to the local economy has been a boon that is where my appreciation ends.

The Jubilee Concert was a performance too far for Macca.
He proved what I have been saying for years - when it comes to singing he is way past it. On the plus side he is in pretty good nick for a man pushing 70.
He appears to (finally) have a happy homelife and he has a pretty cushy back catalogue to feather his nest way into old age.

I think the power of brilliance is to know when to exit stage left and leave the crowd wanting more.
That's all I wanted to say on the subject.

Now back to Silent Sunday.
Hope you enjoy it.

I wore: Shoes - Clarks (31)
Jeans - Top Shop (13)
T-Shirt - H & M (2)


  1. Lucky you to see Springsteen again! I've been a big fan os his for a long time...but have not had the pleasure of one of his concerts.

  2. I'm with you on Sir Paul! The Rolling Stones were far more my style than the Beatles. How fab to catch The Boss twice, too. x

    1. Phew - I am not alone. I am treated like a leper in Liverpool for my Beatles views.

  3. Springsteen is a favorite! Got to see him in Seattle here way back in about 1990 for the Tunnel of Love tour. Some of the best song writing on that album ever. I still get melancholy in a good way when I hear those songs.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. I saw The Tunnel of Love tour in England in 1988. I saw him twice that year - once in Birmingham and once in London. He had just split up with his ex-wife and I pointed out to my husband to be that he there was some chemistry between bruce and the girl inthe band - Patti Scialfa. A fe wmonths later it was revealed they were an item!

  4. Hello, just found you via Vintage Vix. Hope you're having a great day. Em :)